one of my buddies raps and he just did this song with Block Mccloud from Army of the Pharaohs pretty recently. just give it a listen trying to get his name out there some more. [URL]

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i'm so mad i didn't see any cambodian pandas.

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just saw CHOPZZ put together a coherent sentence, smoke 2 dat.

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ayo. don't you hate it when people make such stupid threads. [Image]

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I really like sun chips, but i think the CSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSHCSH. [Image]

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so many pussy ass threads poppin up. i feel unappreciated blah blah, oh i stayed at home one night i'm all depressed. wtf. shit. this thread is where we talk about not being such pussies. please only post if you have some balls. [Image]

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[Image] sup sup.

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brand new tiffs in box. missing laces and tongues. lots of life left. vvvvvvvvvvnds.

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this shit just popped up in my news feed on fb. " So where are the "Save the Gulf" Concerts? Where are the T.V. Benefits with Celebs & Musicians giving Heart Felt Speeches on the Poor Fishermen, Wildlife, Beaches, Loss of Income and Sabotaged Gulf Economy? I Find it rather Strange how these People {Including our Own Goverment} are so Quick to Help Haiti & Other Countries but Sit on Their Ass for this Country. MAKES ME SO SAD smh REPOST IF YOU AGREE " imo, you can't even compare an oil spill to what happened to haiti. what's your take on this shit?

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delete this thread. dunno how.

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got this idea from 4chan too lol. just hit quick reply and hit ctrl v. don't plan it out, let's see what you fagz have been copying and pasting. mine: I GOT BIG BOOTY BITCHES BIG BIG BOOTY BITCHES WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Seriously...i'm having problems. Lately i've only been able to sleep for like 6-7 hours no matter how early I go to bed or how tired I am. I tried sleeping pills, and they help me fall asleep quicker, but I still only last like 8 hours max. I wanna sleep for longer. How do you guys last longer in bed? edit: teeheehee

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ite i saw this some where else. game is simple. 1) bash your keyboard 2) make an acronym out of the letters. example: oisdfap onions inadvertently satisfy dutch farmers awaiting porn. edit: leave one for the next dude. makes it better. interior crocodile alligator, i drive a chevrolet movie theater.

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