When i was 9 i had a mum, dad and 2 older brothers. My fitness fanatic dad died when i was 9. My mum started drinking soon after. My oldest brother moved out around this time and ive rarely seen him since then. My other brother was always arguing with my mum around this time and my mum was my world, so i began to hate my brother. I hated seeing my mum out of it, but i kinda understand now why she was abusing alcohol cos i always remember my dad was the head of the family making money - i know now she couldnt cope with the presssure of bringing me and my abusive brother up. I tried to avoid my immediate family mainly because i wanted to do something with my life and also i was running away because i didnt know how do deal with them. I feel now that my 2 older brothers are not my family. My mum moved back to her home town and i havnt seen her for about 5 years - i really miss her and i wish i was older when my dad died so i could have been there for her...i think about her every day! Im scared to find out where she is or how she is living because i wanna remember her as being a mum, not as an alcholic. I now work in an architects office earning a good salary, have everything i need and have a girlfriend of 4 years who i trust and know i'll end up with for the rest of my life - i would never have ended up with the life i have now without the help and support of my friends, especially one friend who's family i regard as my own now. I have some regrets in how my younger life could have turned out but i wouldnt change the life i live now.

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My desert boots have a crepe sole and im assuming that the wallabees have a crepe sole also. The sole has zero grip. Still wouldnt put me off buying them though.

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Berbatov has an unusual style of play but his weight of pass and his ability to pick out a killer pass in attacking positions is excellent. He brings other players into the game and makes players around him play better. Rooney has stated he plays better with Berbatov in the team. Also Berbatov's goal ratio for his previuos clubs and country is excellent.

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[Quote] Yea you will slip on the ice easily with the crepe sole. Ive been wearing my desert boots and ive been slipping constantly on the wet leaves that have fallen.

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[B]I.D.[/B] is the best football hooligan film ive seen. Its set in the 1980's in the heyday of hooliganism in England. Its based on a fictional team called Shadwell Town and cops have to go undercover as football hooligans but one of the cops gets sucked into all the violence and ends up being a hardcore hooligan.

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Italia 90 was my favourite - i just about remember it. I wish i was old enough to remeber Northern Ireland beating the hosts Spain in the 1982 World Cup. I wish my home nation (Northern Ireland) could qualify for more tournements!

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Liverpool will play Arsenal 3 times in the space of a week now. 2 times in the Champions League and 1 time in the Premier League. This could help Manu get ahead in the Premier League as thats 3 big games for Arsenal in the space of a week.

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Spain didnt exactly cruise the Euro Qualifier's group! They lost to my wee team Northern Ireland.

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BIG L - lifestylez ov da poor & dangerous

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Torres has been in great form for Liverpool recently.

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Not Champions League related, but did anyone see Arsenal player Eduardo breaking his leg yesterday against Birmingham? You can see his leg bone busting out through his skin and out through his sock! A terrible looking injury - i just hope it dosent end his playing days!

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