Located in San Jose. Paypal ready. +4%/Shipping. We can work it out. 10 Deep Baseball Jersey. Size Large. Doesn't really work on me, I'm kind of overweight. (2012) COND 10/10 WORN 0X TRIED ON 1X  $$$$$$$50. Retailed $79. [Image]

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These are the PCL (Power, Corruption, Lies) Chukka by Supreme, made after the album of the same name by New Order. Great album, I'm always a sucker to buy anything music-related that Supreme does. DEADSTOCK W/ TAGS RETAILED FOR $130. ONLY ASKING FOR $170 BIN. PAYPAL READY. MEET UPS NEAR SAN JOSE. I bought this to trade for a higher size, but I need the cash, so I will accept trades, but lightly.  Get at it! Cheap!  [Image]

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i'm tired as fuck outta my city. how do you guys spend your free time? what are your social hobbies? my life story: been going outta town for the most part because i'm using san jose up like a dirty mistress. basically ate everywhere, drank coffee and tea everywhere, done drugs everywhere, bowled everywhere, played pool everywhere, went to the beach everywhere, went swimming everywhere, golf'd everywhere, hiked and backpacked everywhere, camped everywhere, biked everywhere, take photos everywhere, raved everywhere, had sex everywhere, watched a movie everywhere, shopped everywhere, thrifted everywhere, hookah'd everywhere, clubbed everywhere, the fuck else to do. tl;dr: im out of things to do with my friends

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Been trying to look for a new one since my cheap ass one broke lol. [Image] Just gunna make a custom one online though.

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Anyone have any? thanks.

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These are scrubs. [URL] I'm looking for a no-logo one, preferablly that color or no grey at all, but a longsleeve, i've checked alot of places.

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Share some, I need some for this damn weather, raining non stop's starting in san jose. I obviously have none, thus why i start this.

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Where to get? the ones that are like the fruit roll up ones but are actually sick/look real/last for a while. I heard of airpainting but idk where to go for that. i need to scare my parents with something, its a long story.

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What's some under 100 that are nice to wear? im already thinking some of these -original grey chucks -grey puma suedes -grey adidas campus vulcs or originals i've already considered grey authentics, grey halfcabs, grey bulletproofs. no puffy skater shoes btw, like the halfcabs

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I don't like my cotton outwear getting literally soaked in the rain. You guys know any websites, brands, any items with those types of properties? 10 Deep had a blue jacket with a red 10 deep sleeve that was nylon or polyester.. i def shoulda coppd.

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Anyone got any clean shoes with gumsoles? Im looking for all black with gumsole unless theres anything else fire. these i like [Image]

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I rememeber i've seen a few but i completely forgot the name. What are some brands that like, the artwork has to do with stuff in the 80s or 90s? That type of stuff interests me.. like from hip-hop to anything. Sorry if i'm having a hard time explaining im blown.

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[URL] The kind of, small designs like that or even a little bigger. Looking for navy, blue, red, pink mostly. Not too expensive for each one.. something under 80. I found some but they look way too casual.. Any help?

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wanna rock that gumsole but not look too complicated. shits dope! post your fav shoes with gumsoles!

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(had to make the title short) But do you ever like a certain brand of item, but then when it starts getting overhyped as hell you tend to try not to wear it as much or anything? Just something i had in mind.. I used to like nudies when i first got into raw denim, but every motherfucker has nudies around my whole city (SJ) and probably the whole bay area that make the brand faggy. Just a thought i had because now i really feel like I don't wanna cop any more nike sb or dunks stussy or hundreds. Just so many people out there getting it for hype making the image look bad, that if i put it on i'd look like another person trying too hard to get good fits, thus just ruining my whole sole purpose of looking good. same w/ fixies

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