RIP Jonas

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Im in NY but wanna know is there anywhere in North Jersey i could pick up APC's so i wont have to pay sales tax?

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go to the Supreme store or website.

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with my clothing company, i try to make killer designs at a fare price. IDK what im thinking, im obvi trying to hard. Where can i cop a box logo tee, wanna show everybody im cool??? brb gonna go listen to Goblin on repeat.

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10 Deep

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check the denim thread, they'll put u on to game. But APC's are nice as fuck.

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Mailing you a Chill The Fuck Out pill....please use 9 times a day. [Quote]

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Indoors only in large public places ie The Mall or something similar. Never in someones crib just kicking it or something. AND NEVER EVER EVER AT NIGHT.

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the yeestyle looks DOPE but for 80 ill pass, probly gonna get the Levis from Khols ..... yet secretly going to Hot Topic during my break tomrorow to try on theres.

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1 you'll look like big money, but can u pull it off? 2 classic but still modern, for sure your go to choice 3 if u wanna look like ur grandpa, go for it

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10 Deep never disappoints plus everything they do is top notch. From the tee shirts to button ups, to even the way they present there clothes.

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completely not sure, but i hear that alot of streetwear/skate/surf brands use AAA shirts.

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you guys know what i hate? when somebody in dress clothes thinks hes fly cus he's wearing suspenders...but is also wearing a belt. You look like a dumb ass, suspenders are there to hold ur pants up. ( suspend them up ) a belt serves the same purpose, its one or the other. if you dont see how that ties into what were talking bout ur dumb, i dont meen to be rude, all im saying is that things serve purposes.

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MAYBE at night like homie said, or a really COLD summer day. but yo guys i got another idea, imma rock a tank top in the winter. im gonna rock a watch that cant tell time ( meastros dumb ass watch ) Im gonna rock boat shoes to a bball game etc etc

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Just have your 514's tailored

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