this might be useful...[Image]

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[Quote] well said...[Image]

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i think we will never be... as we experience new stuff and grow older, our tastes change but more importantly our budget improves too! lol[Image]

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not bad at all...[Image]

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when is it coming out?[Image]

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lol yea[Image]

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yea links are not working...[Image]

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hmm in 5-10 years time i think fashion wear will be greatly influenced by our natural environment... so increased temp might lead to clothes tailored to more cooling wear...[Image]

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whats up with the checkered designs? looks pretty neat[Image]

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sounds like this is going to turn into a soccer thread[Image]

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how much does it cost?[Image]

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first amazon, now wal mart... hmm game stop really got it hard..[Image]

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[Quote] yea i still remember the fun i had with my friends on this one, great game![Image]

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but i think people want it difficult, not easy....[Image]

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well you got some feedback here... so just watch how you say something next time, you will be fine=)[Image]

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