Has anyone ripped a button off their jeans from stretching them to fit? I am looking at the stress being put on these buttons and it looks like they're about to burst. I'm scared to sit!

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I was stuck between 10.5 and 11 on regular Vans canvas authentics but the worker told me to go with 10.5 even though it is a little snug it will stretch out and fit nicer than the 11 which will over stretch. I never wore them so I still do not know my true authentic size but lets say 10.5 for now. I want these http://www.office.co.uk/mens/vans/authentic/21/3536/20581/1/1 but I do not know how to size on them, there are no half sizes, does anyone know?

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What are the difference between the chucks labeled "OX" and the ones that are not? Some people said OX is a lighter version/smaller sole of the shoe, some people said there is no difference, some people said ox stands for oxford which means low (but some high tops are labeled OX too...), and some people said there is a difference but they just can't point out exactly what it is. Also, Does anyone know why zappos labels some shoes "Core" and some not? Is there a difference between those and the regular ones as well?

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There's other websites at the top that are the same thing. All are for good causes. Just click them all.

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does anyone know how inseams work? i know that the higher the number the longer the leg is of course but i am asking about proportion. today i tried on a pair of khakis and i went with the longer inseam so it wouldnt look like they just end at my shoes. thing is, i was wondering if the thigh gets bigger as well if you get a longer inseam? wouldnt companies make the thigh room bigger even if it is the same waist just in case that taller person has larger thighs? it wouldnt be right to just extend the lower half of the pant legs would it? i am asking because i wanted the slimmer fit between the two (but at the same waist size) and was scared that if i got the higher inseam then the butt/leg would be slightly larger.

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anyone know the model # or name of the pair of khakis that J.Crew [B]had[/B] ? They were cream in color (not grey/matte tint like all the khakis this season but literally a cream/vanilla color) ?

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awesome, thanks man!

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I checked with the bodybuildingdotcom forum and read through many of the threads but there was no definite answer. Does anyone know any exercises that target/build those riblet muscles? The muscles I am talking about are under/to the side of your pecks where your ribs are. Some of my lean friends don't even have them but some do.

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anyone here know anything about spray sizing and spray starch? i heard spray starch actually damages clothing fibers so I am thinking of using sizing instead. Sizing is suppose to give the same effect just not as stiff but if it is giving somewhat of the same effect, doesn't it mean it is making the fibers stiff and weak also but at a lesser degree? or is spray sizing 100% safe for clothing fiber

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so how do you guys go about finally buttoning the top? I know you guys wear them hard and be active in them so they will stretch BUT how does the top-waist stretch if they're not buttoned? If they're unbuttoned the whole time you're trying to stretch them, they should be at the same size right (waist, not legs)? Since there is nothing putting pressure on it or stretching them outward because...they're not buttoned so they sit on your waist perfect.

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anyone own a pair of thin finns that contain elastane? do they stretch much (not when you put them on but stretching as in APC style)? Do they overstretch like levi 511 waists? Should I size down?

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Just want to make sure since they contain 1% elastane. My 511s stretched out in the waist 3 sizes and made it really hard to wear so I don't want that happening again. Another question; Is it for a fact that any denim containing any elastane will stretch in the waist beyond what it was meant to be? Meaning, elastane are used in the jeans because the fit is so tight that they figured it would give some comfort with some stretchyness but elastane will then cause the waist/butt area stay loose and the legs and calves will still be tight. I read somewhere that someone with Thin Finns had this same effect. Personally, I had this happen in my 511s as many of you guys did (I read a bunch of posts before). So should you always size down if your denim contains elastane?

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I just want to make sure since I had a bad experience with my 511s. I checked the tag and the 511 and my new h&m both contain elastane. I noticed that because of the elastane, my 511s stretched like almost 3 sizes in the waist. Worst pair ever.

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i know raw denim is meant to be worn out and faded BUT i am actually trying to do the opposite with my pair of raw's. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Spray Sizing (heard starch was bad for clothing fibers)? Is it just as bad for your clothes as starch? It is suppose to do the same thing maybe a little weaker so does that mean it is still doing damage but less?

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oh i see, thanks man

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