I like bootcuts as well cause I have big feet kinda.

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has some good post but alot of beef and e thugs someone should just erase there shit and ban those foolish guys.

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I like my clothes to fit normally, I wouldn't wear my jeans so tight that it pushes my ass up and creases between my butt cheeks though.

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I'm studying a bit of pyschology 1 in 10 guys graduate highschool is gay but never comes out and live there life as a lie. Some bisexual, alot of guys hide there attraction with hatred. You will notice that some of the gayest guys is the ones who bash you saying your gay this and that... because they want you. Now to my conclusion alot of ppl who are DL gay but fear what ppl will think of them there friends and family will usually say things like "your gay if you wear this and that i'd never wear that cause it's gay " why you ask because they don't want ppl to think there gay. Another thing is that people who are saying it's gay to wear skinny jeans has issues. I'm sorry if your turned on from seeing a guy's bulge in skinny jeans |0 but you need to stop the childish act anyone with alittle knowledge of pyschology will know something is fishy with your behavior. Just come out and be gay stop with these silly attempts to say some dude gay cause he has some tight pants, you just want him to be gay cause you love the bulge and his ass -_-

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some of this stuff is hot how is the tailoring on it, are they baggy style or more of a fit style? I like my shirts to fall at the waist if these shirts are fit then I will buy a few shirts from you guys.

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I like my shirts to fall right at the waist, to show my belts studded belts, and bones and cross bones I don't pay big money to cover my belts. I keep my swagger tight and confident I dunno bout yall but dudes don't think i'm sexy cause my belt women do and the dudes want to know where i cop the belts. I think yall some suspect fags scared to wear a belt cause you don't want ppl to find out your undercover fag. Low confidence and terrible swagger you will be lonely for a long time if your a fag jus come on out and stop jacking around saying shit is homo etc. Also tucking the shirt behind your belt is hella tacky, also sagging that shit is not cool, if you want to walk around with ya ass showing go ahead at best you will get some gay dudes to say you have a nice ass. Most chicks will tell you to pull your shit up unless you still in high school on that childish shit.... The question I guess got confused is there any shirt brands that are tailor fit to fall at the waist? If you don't know what the hell i'm talking about then this forum is garbage for fashion.

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6"0 is there a certain brand of shirts that fall at the waist?

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do alot of you guys get shirts that hang right at the belt line so you can show off your belt? You know I have like some 50-60 $ belts like studds and fancy designs and I bought a medium shirt and it still was to long and then I bought a small and it was still to long it didn't hang at my belt now.... an xsmall... I didn't even see and hardly see so where's teh best place to get some tee's that are made to hang at the waist line belt line? I don't want a shirt that shows my belly but you know hangs at the waist and shows my belt, and I don't want to tuck my shirt in and have my fancy jeans designs covered up with a long tee.

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Im' kinda new to fitted jeans I always bought like baggy brand jeans but one thing I never took into was inseam.... so if the inseam is lower does that mean it will be longer and if the inseam is high like 34 instead of 30 it will be closer to your crotch? Like i'm trying to change my style up and I don't like how my pants have a huge inseam hanging down and I don't want to make am istake and buy jeans off the net with big long inseams and have to send em back and all that hassle. I actually want my jeans to fit properly and be close to my crotch not super tight but so I can get the look wear my jeans look like they fit lol.

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ah is there anything I can do to break them in faster other than just wearing them alot I hate how they look lol here's how they look on me right now lol I dont' like the look smh [URL]

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kinda like this [Image] see the folds doesn't look all straight etc.

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