I've got these lobsters sitting in my room deadstock and I need something to match...I got a hoodie but it too fuckin hot. Only shirt I seen was a shirt by mishka with a pirate or some shit...can somebody...who isnt a hatebeast faggot...please help me out. [Image]

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I was looking for a shirt to match and a new era, Closest I came was this so far. [Image] Just got my shoes 20 min ago, the hat I got a day ago, they arent a perfect match but the look good together. I'm not looking for exact matches but shit that collects good together.

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Man, why da fuck do you guys wear those. I just stood there laughing at myself cuz I felt fruity. I wear Smaller shirts now and with small shirts and skinny jeans, I and every1 else I see doing it look like nerds. You look more manly when your jeans are straight or baggy. I mean damn, I could literally see the outline of my ballsack.

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[URL] They all only have 7.5 and 8 left, like it's the same site...what's that about?

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I oredered some stuff from Kix-Files...anybody ever heard of stories of people losing shoes from single box shipping.

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And I don't know why! ?) Can believe I pressed that fuckin pay now button. I do wan't these, but in the future if it turns out I really couldn't afford these, how much do you think I can resale them for come March? Maybe this can be an investment, I'm not gonna cancel yet.

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I need to get some size 34-36 jeans, I lost like 45 pounds. And I like LRG and the only other place with a a lot denim is dj. jays and flymode and body know other?

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I bought it cuz it made me laught...but i'm black and I was thinking, what would my hispanic homies think of me rocking this. [Image]

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[Image] These are in the top 5 shoes i've ever owned...My pair are all f-ed up and I been looking for more and Bamn...80 bucks. BTW, if you want some , with slity dirty white bottom and dirty mesh size them I'll sell em for 30.

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[Image] I don't know what to wear with it. I Thought it was black, it came "Maroon" or burgandy, I got a shirt that looks nice with it, I got some black and white DC's with pink shoe laces, that are kinda coo, but I don't know what to wear in terms of shoes. Should I get shoes to match? Wear Blue Jeans or Black jeans of dyed dark blue/baige jeans? I'm confused.

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[URL] Got it Through Ebay, thought they were black and gold, like an idiot. I'd rather sell them then to try and match shit for it. 99 flat. The cheapest you can get them.

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[Image] I can't find this hat nowhere. As a matter a fact, where do you got for most New Era stuff like this.

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[URL] [Image] I think this is live... You guys like it, cuz it looks like one of those really ill, or really stupid kind of things. I think it's ill.

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