anyone got pics of how acne moc raws fit?

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levis. good quality and not overly expensive

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i want the adamb bomb 1. where can i get it?

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i dunno. sorry they wer these types [URL] how much does it cost t get em taken in? n will they look normal after?

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ive got a pair of jeans that are like a size 36 im a 34 i want to know were wud i go to have them taken in to that size? is it even possible? there really nice pair of jeans n i dont wanna have to abandon them. thanks for any help

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^ are those straight svens?

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could someone please reccomend some good sites for AM90's im lookin to step my game up. thanks for any help

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y don u have a faq topic in here thats stickied, instead of having topics with the same questions over n over again. it would also make the information easier to find cos sometimes the search function is hard to find exactly what u want. i aint tryna make orders with only 2 posts. but it just seems logical to me

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