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Who are you?

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Something medicine/brain related. My lifelong goal is to be one of those yellow highlighted words in a textbook.

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You're a basic bitch.

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no (10char)

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There's no point. You shouldn't get married before you're 18. People change. Hell, I don't want to get married until I'm in my thirties.  There is almost no reason to rush into a marriage anyways.

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How old man? That's important information.

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I bet they'll end up finding a settlement that's peaceful and such at the end of the show and Morgan will be there with his kid in the background. Then everyone will be like oh shit its that guy from the first episode.

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The best

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INTJ master race. Very mild introvert though like 52% so entj or intj. Either or depending on the day.

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meatloaf, tacos, fish (salmon, tilapia) , steak, pork (chops, tenderloin), lasagna, pasta, chicken (baked or fried), hamburgers (homemade), hamburger helper, ham on occasion, stir-fry, pot roasts, baked potato soup, etc. are my usual meals at home.

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[Quote] Do you know which T shirt specifically? I like the way they are cut so i may just buy a few of the blanks from AAA.

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