wow @ people actually buying a kermit shirt. that's crazy.

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[Quote] if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. so, instead of just not liking this girls sneakers and letting her 'move on'- you stopped her, took a pic of them, posted them online, and commenced to diss them. not to mention you were to pussy to tell her that her kicks were wack you posed with some "yo those are cool let me take a pic" OKAY!

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WOW! taking pics of someone's shoes to clown them online is pretty fucking wack. degenerate status even. good one....

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ALL TIME: 1. Jay-Z 2. Rakim 3. Kane 4. BIG 5. Lord Finesse CURRENT (newer Cats): 1. Joe Budden 2. Grafh 3. Joell Ortiz 4. Bishop Lamont 5. Crooked I

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[Quote] Cosign. Fuck that whole "this is meant to be paying homage" i don't buy that for one second.

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worst photoshoot in the history of cameras. what's up with Wordsworth rocking bummy AF1's for the shoot? that lyricists lounge money didn't stretch very long....

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Nothing screams "I never get laid" like a guy rocking a shirt with a scantly clad girl on it. but...that designs okay

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They keep recycling the girl on girl tee because it keeps selling out, and that tee is TACKY! The Foreign nights design is sick, i wanted that tee. DG's new layout is weak sauce....i hate those frames...

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this dude aint that nice. kinda corny. and how's he gonna blow up, when Lupe's still trying to do that?

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If the clothes were dope I wouldn't care. I could only see him buying a Supreme, or aNYthing to have a foot hold in the streetwear community, well the legitimate one that is. Who knows.... Jay Just sold Rocawear, anythings possible.

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STD's are the new black.

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they've always seemed to be a little slept on. i like a lot of their stuff.

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is the penelope shirt a womens? that crew is hot.

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[Quote] that's alot of punching my man! haha he uses that rap on every other song!

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