So today im going to my pt appointment cause im rehabbing my acl and meniscus. I can't drive or take the bus right now so I hit up the ubers. I get a hit back from the uber app and I looked at the driver and see it's a female. The brod was looking fine as fuck in that little bubble picture(will post the pic later) So im waiting outside like a little bitch with my crutches nd I see the brod driving up to me in her Toyota civic. Im like the only nigga standing outside and she pulls up a block away and texts me shes outside(So I got the number) I hit her back up and tell her stop playin and drive up a little. She pulls up, hops out the car to help me out and Im peeping hard as fuck!! This girl was like a solid 9[Image] I was surprised as fuck cause usually only African niggas be picking me up. The drive was only 5mins so I didn't get to talk her up for long but im tempted to hit that number back up and ask for another ride or some shit. might ask her to drive me to ihop and tell her to join me. What do you think I should do HB?

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2 Videos from 2k just dropped [Embed content] Looks like King James is finally going to be the cover boy

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[Image] He still lost though

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My electric shaver just broke so im looking for a new 1. What kind would you guys recommend using?

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I was thinking of copping the long john black mainly looking for jeans that have good stacks.

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Anyone create a pair of Air max 1's? If you have can you post pictures of them would like to see how they turned out.

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Does anyone know if loui v sells jeans? My Uncle got me a pair but im not sure if they are real. I tried searching louie v jeans on google but all i got was ebay results and those were iffy *Not big on louis vuitton*

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Any of you niggas been to this site? There be some hot bitches on here like Gisele and Carmen but there be some simp ass niggas putin these hoes on a pedestal.

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Has anyone called in to place an order on jordans? If you have what do they ask you for when you call them?

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