I gots invites, who wants in? and also who has it? lets get everyone here so we can connect w/ who we'd like to

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I'm blind in my right eye. :/ kthnxbai

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I'm running to the store real quick, i'm scoopin an Arizona lemon tea and some MM's yall need anything? stole this from NT

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gonna be there, who's down for a meet up?

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any of you people ever been to one? I'm going to be in NY from 10/16-20 and Imma stop by there, friends that went to the Miami show said it's actually kinda ill.

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I still had a laff though [Image]

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-i don't ship first -i accept paypal(must add 4%) -i accept USPS money orders -no tag pics, i'm too legit to bother -trades from 11-11.5 only -email: [email]quinteroh85@gmail.com[/email] -aim: facemafia2003 -myspace: [URL]

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Ok this really came out of left field for me MOON automotive and Vans did a collabo? any info on the release? [Image]

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is there one? i mean a naturally and authentically broken in denim market. Like i remember a pair of jeans on another thread being given to a mill worker for a denim contest. after those jeans are washed and fully broken in. would someone want those? not a replica but a 1 of 1 for example these jeans. after being worn and washed properly would they be easily sold. Just wondering. if i lost anyone i'll try to explain another way [Image]

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..melted the ice around my heart... if this isn't touching...you have no heart...thank for this Ray...thank you [Image] p.s. ray gets one free session of buttsecks

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[Image] [URL]

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as far as jeans go, i know what to look for, but i'd like to "break in" a jacket, wear it throught out fall-early spring, it's something i think looks good if done right, can anyone point me in the right direction? I like a lot of vintage LEVI jackets but they're all broken in already, plus am i thinking something will look good but will just end up looking like shit?

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lmfao @ the random Obama shout out [Image]

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..damn it's good to have money [URL] [Image]

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anyone know a good streaming site where i can watch movies and shows, specifically back episodes of The Office? I usually use hulu.com but that's about it

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