Alot of good songs out there done wrong, postem done right. See if this thread has something. [URL]

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[URL] so much ignorance so muuuuccchhh

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Trying to sell quick and fast. Need to buy boots=) Will ship today no questions asked. Paypay verified [email][/email] Skull 5010xx there is wear but lighting made it more visible. Whiskers are set in. There has been wear on this. A lot of life left in them though. And a broken thread on the right pocket. Give me your best offer. Will sell cheap, but not that cheap.... [Image] offers!

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Looking for iron heart beatle busters PREFERABLY and 301s if I'll take up the offer. if You hemmed them 34 inseam or higher nothing smaller. Will do bay area meet ups. Thankyou. Paypal only.

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ALL three for $135! Selling these all together. Im very considerate for prices. Fairly new condition a few indigo stains the sand ones never really got worn. Brown ones worn the most but heals are very alive still. Grey never worn much, but indigo stains are on them. What I am looking for REDWINGS sz8.5 (one pair may get you all=)) or more Desert boots but size 8.5 or shoot me a price for all or an individual pair. [Image]

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[URL] nothing special, felt like I was about to have a seizure towards the end.

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Can somebody recommend me some oxford shoes. I havnt found many I like, an most are extremely expensive. I looked at Alden they are lil over on my price range. I prefer black one or grey. Thankyou.

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I need some quick opinions on these phones, which to get? I'm leaning towards the droid, Im usually not a Motorola fan but it seems more promising this time around. I know this is suppose to be in the electronics thread, but this section obviously gets more attention.

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Payments: Paypal, money order Trade?: you send first. Looking to sell these [URL] There is obvious wear marks on the bottom an edge of the heal, wore less than 5times. Most likely I want cash for these. If you have anything for trade that I might be interested in let me know. I will not pay for shipping. Extra laces and box will be included. EDIT: SIZE 10 SIZE 10

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Quick question, do jcrew oxfords have a shirt tail hem? I don't want to order them an find out they are meant to be tucked. Thankyou.

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I don't know how many actually are semi-descent at rapping. I was curious if anybody had tips on catching onto a flow and good techniques to recite to yourself without having to record physically. Any comments appreciated.

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-Nothing extravagant -$100 or so -Easy to find no orders from exclusive sites( you get what i mean) I was recommended to buy Lunarglides, but that was from a friend who is a sneakerhead and bought them because of comfort. Need opinions on good running shoes from people with experience, thankyou.

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