[Quote] LOL at that humped comment... Yah there's no way I'd be wearing these in West Hollywood... or Compton.

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"Boston. How racist!"- Optimus Prime

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Thank you dog... I appreciate it.

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[Quote] Hahah... BAMF!!! Is also the sound that Nightcrawler would make when he would teleport... Good to see some other comic geeks here... Sick shirt dog...

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I been trying to figure this out for like a month and I can't do it & I know nothing about HTML code.. ehehe I have some kicks I wanna' trade and I need to post up so peeps don't get peesed... Help me!! Thanks in advance...

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[Quote] lol If he lives in NY he could probably do that.

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There was a dude rocking those in line @ the Sole Collector event. Pretty dope but pretty simple.. and that horrible GR leather...

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Boooo... Leaked. Why would you do that? lol

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[Quote] Yah.. they're girl dunks so all girl sizes. They might come in like a crazy high size for guys... Last time I checked Pickyourshoes.com had them.. dunno' if they do now or not... Actually if you live in the LA area, Greyone is having a 50% off sale.. I think they still have some guy sizes left...?

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[Quote] lol Thanks for that. Good laugh at work. Yah I guess the fact that I actually wear all my kicks *except for the Grand Finale's* keeps them in good rotation. My De La lows still look brand new and I wear them at LEAST once a month. I rock from a 10-11 and yeah my old school dunks are creased but I guess that has to do with the fact that A: They used higher quality, softer leather back then B: I had like 4 pairs of kicks to rotate with. Hm.. maybe I answered my own question..?

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Ok I don't get it... Peeps on here are constantly talking about thier shoes creasing. Now, I have about 55 pairs of kicks and NONE of them (besides some customs) crease in any way. INCLUDING my Avengers, *PL and non* air max's, etc. Even my Bua's are cool. So my question for you guy's is... How the HELL are you walking?? lol (Now if your WEIGHT is a challenge then disreguard this post) Discuss.

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[Quote] By soles do ya'll mean the bottom..? haha I clean my joints every time too. It works but you gotta' be careful with painted surfaces sometimes tho'.. like air max's. The paint will rub off if your'e not...

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What the hell kinda' crazy site does that dude have??? Geez... almost killed my dam laptop battery screwing around with that mess...

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[Quote] So is it safe to assume that you have NO brown kicks..?blushing

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hahaaa! Yes YES suck more people in and make them think your serious! I could read these responses all day... Silly shit makes me laugh...

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