Cavalier Essentials

Should be launching today. I was able to see everything in person over the weekend, the quality of all the products is phenomenal.

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?


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Albums to put on while going to sleep...

Air The Weeknd Blood Orange Animal Collective

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Cities that sucked to live in

Mequon, Wisconsin. Whole Milwaukee area is pretty terrible

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Favorite Comedians?

Mitch Hedbergggggggg

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Is LOST really that good?

Just finished the final episode last night, I don't know what to think right now haha

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we have sooooo many of these lying around my parents basement, my dad works in the toy business and is friends with McFarlane. I can remember when these first came out, straight shitting on every other sports figures.

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pro hockey players are the toughest athletes

thats probably because you go to panther games who are the worst team in the league and have been for a long time. You aren't going to get the full experience of a game when the team can barely get 5,000 fans to a game.

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pro hockey players are the toughest athletes

I hateeeeeeeee when kids talk about hockey mainly because of the fact that the guys who always try to vouch for it can barely play it and if they played up through high school it was in a weak area. Hockey players are tough, but so are all athletes. It's easy to say that basketball players are pussies, but I guarantee if the fighting and shit talking was acceptable like in hockey then it would happen frequently. The best thing about hockey is that out of all sports in the US it is the least watered down, to play in college whether it be D1 or D3 it is much harder to accomplish.

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Indie/Hipster Shit...

Some good shit I came across [URL]

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Reggae fever

Finallyyyyyy a reggae thread, i'm always bumpin: [URL]

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Going to school in fort myers, I don't get how you natives can deal with this god damn heat

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Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

God Damn I am embarrassed to be from Minnesota

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Mafioso Rap Appreciation Thread

favorite was always [URL]

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The Official Donald Glover/Childish Gambino Thread

definitely slept on this guy, cant wait to hit up his show when he is in mpls

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