just my cardholder in back right

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Hi there, sorry to bump an old thread but I can't PM yet. I was curious if you still had this for sale, if so let me know, I'm very interested

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i got a pair of xx005s from a guy here on hb, he had them tapered in the leg from the knee down figured i could pull them off fine but wearing them now they are extremely tight in the calve area, is there any hope of these stretching out? should i soak them then try wearing them? they fit fine everywhere else and I went tts its just the calve area is killing me (guess i got fat calves)

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im 5' 8" 145 and the mediums fit me really well not too slim but not long/loose at all this is after multiple machine washes though

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white mishka santa fe via gilt img408.imageshack.us/img408/3093/mishka.png

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hey ill do 150$ shipped give me your paypal payment sent

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I can't send pms yet but if you'll do 130$ shipped for the PBJ shoot me a PM with your paypal and I'll just email my shipping address to you

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bin for the sugarcane?

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i offer 15 + shipping each on the vans hi tops and half

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I'm looking to buy some nice black jeans in my size (30-31 or 28 in apcs), doesnt need to be a specific brand but I'm particularly interested in APC/Nudies, so if you got em and wanna sell them post here, PM me, or hit me up on AIM (eternaldrake2) with some offers. As for price range, I'm looking somewhere in the 50-100$ range, but I'm perfectly willing to step outside of this range for a good deal. As for payment method I'm fine with doing whatever makes the seller comfortable, whether it be paypal as fee or gift, usps money order, etc.

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still on sale? i can't do a ny meetup but if youre cool w/ shipping them i can pay through paypal as a gift or whatever methods comfortable with you. let me know or you can message me on aim (eternaldrake2)

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