Is the sound really that much better on the remastered albums?, I was thinking about buying them but they are expensive as hell.

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Keith Moon John Bonham Neil Peart Dave Grohl Topper Headon

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Freddie Mercury John Lennon Layne Staley Kurt Cobain Michael Stipe

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The Kinks - Picture Book, my favorite Kinks song and basically pop perfection. Still remember the old HP commercial that used this tune. [URL]

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^^That comparison doesn't make sense since Nas has sold a good amount of albums and until Hard Knock Life, was a way more popular mc. Jay-Z is probably the king now when you look at all he has accomplished in his career but I still think Nas is the best mc ever. I think a better comparison is Jay is like The Beatles and Nas is like Bob Dylan.

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Tangerine is my favorite Zeppelin song too Dirty Chris, repeated every time it comes on. I wish this would have been a top 10 just so I could list The Kinks, such a great and underrated band. Ray Davies is probably my favorite song writer other then Dylan and Lennon.

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[Quote] Led Zeppelin II is their best album but I've always like Led Zeppelin III just as much, I love how they sounded when doing folk.

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The Beatles The Who Led Zeppelin The Clash The Velvet Underground

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[Quote] That billions was wasted on something that could never happen and could have been put to much better use but were here to talk about this movie, not the government.

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Looks good but sad to think the U.S. government really did this type of shit.

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If you want to be technical, Jay-Z and Eminem didn't really record the song together. Renegade was originally a Em and Royce track but Jay got the song and put his verses on instead. Anyways, its not like Nas doesn't record with quality mcs who couldn't outshine him, look at Pun, Kool G. Rap, etc.

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St. Patrick's Day should answer your question

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A motherfuckin legend with one of the smoothest voices ever, too bad that incident with a girlfriend turned him to gospel music and he's only recently got back into r&b.

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Heard the album a couple times today, I really enjoyed it. I will try to catch them live whenever they make it back to NY. I agree they do a great cover of Rockin in the Free World but my favorite cover by them is Let My Love Open the Door, they rock the shit out of it.

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I like a lot of the cast (Aziz, Amy, Rashida, Aubrey, Louis C.K.) in other work they've done but I find this show only to be a little funny and Aziz the only one really make me laugh out loud.

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