[Quote] Omg, sounds pretty nice, even though i HAD ps3 and have allready played out singleplayer, MP was awesome.. and now gonna be improved on the PC... cant wait

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anybody here play/played tibia???? the game isnt usually liked by so many people haha, but i love it blushing edit: heres a screenshot ingame of my character [Image] Level 67 royal paladin.. was 70 and died twice and lost prem so i am retired atm.. I own all the eq in the ss except the softboots, those belong to a friend.... also got 140k cash, assassin, Nightmare knight, full jester, pirate and some other shit outfits

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how much these usually go for??? [Image]

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[URL] whoa.. elvis_killed_kennedy got some maaaaaaaaaaaad hookupsblinkyeyes 2 or 3 in entire worldblinkyeyes (If you didnt see it yet)

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anyone who could tell me more about these air max 90's? How much they go for and if theyr rare(doubt it) in any way Since i dont know very much at all about air max 90's?) Any help is appreciated, thankssmokeyface heres the pic: [Image]

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