as everyone said it was epicsmokeyface, but damn some of the scenes were tooooooooooooooooo fucking long. and i wouldve prefered if it wasnt brad pitt playing the texan, felt fake and it was annoying when people in the theatre were laughing at not funny scenes just because of his accenttongueface everything else was killersmokeyface lmao'd at the jewhunters laugh

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No need for imageready.... in CS3 you have a animation function.... Just go up to windows>Animation and gogog ;d if its on timeline, click the top rightcorner and change to~ imageclips ~something like... to lazy to check

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i been wearing my shits for like a year. fuck it

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basic. magic 3 steps of loosing weight. 1. Wear warm and air tight clothes. 2. Run on a treadmill. When you feel like your tired and want to give up, THATS when you will start to make progress, keep going. just regular amounts of food. No need to over do it. voila. oh yeah do it multiple times lol

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John Legend & Andre 3000 - Green light [MSTRKRFT REMIX] smokeyface

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lol, well i dont know if vans sponsered them but dont think vans would give a fuck about it... its free promotion for vanssmokeyface and man, please take your time and actually SPELL your words out. hard to read. kthnx

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your welcome

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^rofl i feel your pain though, i hate that shit, especially when u gotta ride a bike

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do it! then post pics smokeyface

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hahahahahahahaha. ............................... Hey...blushing

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got a new camera so decided maybe id contribute fucked around with photoshop on it too [Image] UnDS'ed my am90 infras

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saw this.................. damn... RIP Isaac smh 1 of the greatest

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RIP Bernie smh did not expect to see it happen so soon... only 50 years old

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was allready a thread about this... but yeah georgia's got all their troops in Iraq.. they are sending them all home asap and wants help from US with that... Georgia has most troops in iraq after usa n brittain i think it was.....

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ZOMG WTFz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?)?)smhsmhsmhsmhblinkyeyes [Image] PS:they look kinda sketchy tho.. dark greys and dark infrared... but maybe its just me (or the camsetting ect)

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