Ok, so this here is a geetar thread, who plays guitar ? how long ? what guitar do you have ? what do you like to play etc I been playing 2 years or so, im in a band first gig is on saturday lol im scarred. Got me a fender strat and a gibson les paul, both are teh sex.

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white tree? fuck off, its a tree WOW some people are just dickheads, why do you need to claim a tree. people are people see them for who they are not for their colour. racism is for pricks

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nope your stuck with yazoo or the one with the dinosaur on it. lol

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dunno how much they're worth, but i remember seeing a promo pic of these a while back after the original 3 pairs had come out. i guess they're out now/soon to be released. dont think there are fakes of these however blushing

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i cant believe you considered anything else. id tell the police straight away because hes getting your friends in trouble and u can stop this. + there might be something in it for you. p.s. i wouldnt care if it didnt affect me, but my friends would come first over sum idiot.

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omg cant wait 2 see this. have to wait until early september to see this (UK) smh

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was fucking sick despite the logo, until i noticed the toebox was suede. that just fucked it up. colours are tight though. ?)

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yea cosign^, but just to see how they look being worn

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[Quote] oh i heard something about this, do you have any good sites i could read about it? or could you tell me what you do with it, you use microsd cards i hear? thanks in advance

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[URL] ^i'm guessing you knew but didnt wanna pay for the shipping just for a hat. but just incase heres what you're looking for, they got a red and yellow plain also.

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[Quote] lol one thing even worse than that is in london mcdonalds: burger, fries, drink (meal normal size also kids/small size in america) = $8 or

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be a decent guy, argue with him about why he spent it, then give him some time to pay it back. but honestly not really a good friend (ok he coulda [B]REALLY[/B] needed the money) but atleast ask, because at the end of the day [B]YOU[/B] really need that money because thats also [B]YOUR[/B] paycheque

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from sunday blushing [Image]

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personally i was very disapointed, i saw aload of shit hats apart from the spiderman logo hat. there was no joker hat in sight, must of all gone. there were a few ok-ies but nothing that really stood out and said buy me.

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lets hope they [B]don't[/B] sell collabos i really dont care whether others have the same clothes as me. but just not new eras.

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