just got the motion logo hoodie. fast shipping considering it was international.

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I'm looking for a supreme blur logo hoodie size L colors : blue or navy http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p87/supreme23/clothing%20and%20shoes%20for%20sale/DSC09968-1.jpg they made these as hoodies too just hit me up with your pricing

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@[URL]  and you where a hungry ass mofo

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change titel to "came early from girl in club"

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dig the sound, lyrics lack substance tho. just my opinion

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do you want to make money off of them or are they just for you ? cause big manufacturer's only produce large quantities. also there are thousands of hawaiian style shirts out there so your have to be really special to sell. if u want to start a lable or smth id rather start sellin some tees if u still want to make shirts you gotta say where u live maybe somone knows a manufacturer in your area

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