[Quote]My cousin is a tax intern for GS atm so it's possible. Dude probably goes to a school near GS's headquarters. Also, he never said it was only a spring internship so it could be a continuation from a summer internship for all we know.

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People just go to do drugs and grab some ass

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Are we just going to forget that he plagiarized and beat up white hookers? Dude used donation money for church to host parties and hire hookers, who he would beat.

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Is her face that bad? Am I reaching or is she like a thicker Gabrielle Union

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[Quote]http://www.labour.gov.bc.ca/esb/facshts/min-wage.htm $10.25 as of May 2012 Those ppl with degrees and working 10-13 probably didn't do any internships during their school years.  You have to stop pointing out the bottom end of society to justify yourself. The average college grad will make more than you out of college and will advance quicker and further than you.

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[Quote]The difference between you and him is that he never claimed his girl is hot or whatever. You go and claim that you'll shut everyone up by posting a pic of your girl and then proceed to post a pic of a girl you thought was hot. I don't understand why you try to make it sound like you're doing better than people on HB. Truth is, you're not. Most of the users are still in HS so they can't really get a job better than retail. You're $15/hr is not impressive. Isn't minimum wage where you live like $10.25? I don't know how old you are but I think you said you were 22? If that's the case, a lot of people graduate college at 22 and they making more than 15/hr. Even if your pay was the same, they would advance faster in their careers than you would. tl;dr: You try to make it sound like you're doing better than everyone else when you're probably behind the curve.

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Isn't it illegal to go behind the counter if you don't work there? My boy worked as a cashier at a CVS before and some dude went behind the counter and my boy told me he got arrested for that

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[URL] i see you ghost

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lambda phi epsilon

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Did not read through the thread, but two things: 1) I know some people are going to argue for ban on guns or tighter gun control laws. Know that a ban on guns would only take away guns from law abiding citizens. Criminals are going to commit crimes regardless of whether guns are banned or not. 2) I know it's sad that these 20+ ppl died and everything and the fact that they're young makes it worse, but young kids in 3rd world countries die everyday. I don't see why the whole nation is mourning when this shit happens everyday, but just not published

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Yes I like the contrast of my cum against her dark skin as it drips down after i bust inside of her,

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[Quote]Asians started coming a lot since 1960s from my knowledge. I'm not sure how recent you meant by recently but all the Asian friends I have don't have high skilled working parents. They're parents basically did something like open own restaurant, or do some entry job and move up slowly in the ranks and most are living a bit above middle class income range. Your statement about the rich exploiting the poor applies to the US as well. There's no doubt that standard of living is higher in the states but most of the US population aren't that well off Also regarding your group A/B thing, aren't there more niggas than Asians in the US? So by your logic the niggas should be doing better [URL]

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The article says he helped volunteers, not that he was a volunteer.

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smh @ all these poor ppl that cant afford TOJ [Image]

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