Up for grabs is a pair of Red Nike Supreme Dunk Hi in a 9.5. worn a handful of times but in still prime condition 100% stars trades: box tees supreme blazers (red or black) 10-10.5 +cash [Image] SO:300+ship BIN:450+ship pm me or get at me on aim: ilemceesquaredli refs on ebay (EBAY ID: ILEMCEESQUAREDLI: and A few on nsb and here) thanks for looking!

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Mostly Looking for red will make due with another color [Image] any condition between 160-230 depending on whats included with it thanks!

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alright with november coming up soon id think we could discuss how this is going down heres some nitty gritty..not set in stone so give me some feedback SD! When: Novemeber 8 2008 Where: 5 and a Dime downtown what: chill walk around downtown..maybe kickback n shit at my house after Rollcall: Me Rockstar wickedwun Joey SB x SD snav unknownforce canvas08 knugget maybes: chicojap (CMON MAN!!!) anyone who im missin or would like to attend let me know..anyone with a better date and if majority votes out nov 1st then we can change it..let me know everything soon as im working with 5 and a dime closely and theyd want a possible headcount thanks!

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Sup hb fam up for grabs is a pair of Patent Leather Purple Avengers looking to sell asap but not in too much of a hurry..just some bills to pay looking for a straight sale no trades S/O 170 BIN:? shoot me offers Paypal is accepted always Meetups are ok (619 or 85smokeyface Money order or Concealed cash at own risk! any questions or offers pm me or im me on aim:ilemceesquaredli if you need reference on sale you can check me up on ebay id :ilemceesquaredli 100% +feedback now for the pictures! [Image] more pics on request

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had to think for a minute..but then [URL] wasnt surprised at all

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anyone catch this shit on Adult Swim during its April fools morning run? GOLD!

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i'm going up there next weekend and i need some spots to shop at. i'm pretty sure there's been posts asking for good shops to go to up there, but i'm looking specifically for shops that have sneakers for the ladies. (but good shops in general, are also greatly appreciated). love, apeekilla (not here to make death threats or get my boy's s/n banned)

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Any idea where i can find one..cmonwealth doesnt have any nor does the official site thanks in advanced!

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so my girlfriend made me a necklace with those mini dunks they have on ebay and some shops: [Image] just wondering if it looks ok with the small gold chain or would it look better with something bigger +/- suggestions/comment/bomb threats would do fine thanks! |0

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Anyone know where I can pick up a MODERATELY priced pair in a 10-11 in any of the colors or am I stuck buying from a Japanese re-seller who thinks all Americans are stupid and charges up the ass? let me know thanks! blushing

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[URL] i didnt know Taiwan got 10 deep...Is this shit real or this guy making fakes (go check out his other auctions and his feedback) cause i was going to jump on this..but then i saw the price..and saw where its coming from

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