$25 shipped. This shirt is 100% natural. It is made from 70% bamboo, and 30% organic cotton. The ink and dye are made from a mix of iron and vegetable ingredients. $5 from each purchase goes to the Semperivens Fund for the protection of the Sequoia trees which are still under attack. Bamboo and organic cotton do not use artificial pesticides or fertilizers.  The following are facts from the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory:  Cotton requires 1/3 pound fertilizer  per pound cotton  Bamboo is an excellent soil erosion inhibitor Bamboo requires no irrigation o cotton requires 20 times more water  than bamboo  Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than an equal stand of trees Bamboo spreads naturally and rarely  needs replanting Bamboo grows rapidly-can be  harvested in 3-5 years. It is the  fastest growing plant on earth. One acre of bamboo yields 10 times  more than cotton. Bamboo is anti-static, anti-bacterial  Bamboo clothing is strong & durable but soft and luxurious  Cotton farming uses 25% of all  chemical pesticides used on  American crops Organic cotton uses biological  controls and planting patterns to  reduce pests o composted manures and cover  crops replace synthetic fertilizers o innovative weeding strategies are  used instead of herbicides o beneficial insects and trap crops  control insect pests o alternatives to toxic defoliants  prepare plants for harvest [Image]

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LDRS 1354 59Fifty $25 shipped +4% or gift [Image]

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[Image] BIN $12 each Red is ruby Green is prehnite Gold is pyrite Black is tourmaline If you believe in the metaphysical, these gems also have different properties which you can research. The gems each give off a different vibe, the black tourmaline for example I can feel like a magnet. Hmu for more info and pictures, or if you would like a different color combination, etc.

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New song by KTD HB do you fuck wid it?? [Embed content]

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Yesterday I was chilling and these cops pulled up and started searching me and my homie. copping feels on my dick and opening all the pockets in my bookbag and shit. He had no probable cause other than me being black. We didn't have shit on us so he let us go and then we went in the building and smoked a blunt. I know that shit was illegal but nothing we said stopped the cops from searching us [Quote]

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[Embed content] Chance The Rapper is a new artist from chicago. He Just dropped his mixtape 10 Day you guys should check this dude out.

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Looking for someone who can proxy a few tees and a flannel. Preferably from the New York store, I live in Chicago. PM me for more details.

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Uniqlo MIJs 29 30 shipped [Image]

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Nike Air Force 1 '07 sz 14 25 shipped [Image]

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SOLD These had an owner before me, I only wore them for about a week. S/O-$160 Shipped BIN-$180 Shipped [Image]

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I'm going there this summer, where's the bud at?

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I'm looking to buy a Uniqlo backpack in the plain style. I can't post links, but it's the one that's shown on the betterneverthanlate blog. Will pay 40 shipped.

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