Whats up hb. I'll meetup Good prices on good stuff. Jordan 3s are a size 9.5. Definitely pretty beat so $60 obo. The Sole Collector gary paytons (size 12) bought from niketown seattle. theyve have been worn 3 times and are in great condition, they are a pretty rare shoe that turns heads (without box) $250.  Jordan bred 13. Played ball in these. Definitely plenty of life still SIZE 11.5 $100 obo.  Adidas x David Beckham hoodie /jacket. This is an unreal piece of clothing. This retailed for around $400 it's ridiculous quality. Great for rainy van weather. Made in Turkey size m $100 obo Used nike tech blue fleece L $40 obo http://eddiepetryshen.imgur.com/all/

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S62tPANqfgQ[/embed] I know there's going to be a lot of hate for me posting this here but I'm just looking for exposure!

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They are the Nike Air Magnum force i believe!

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Shit this is super dope mang.

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http://www.college-of-music.com/2011/11/mac-miller-blue-slide-park-streaming.html Some songs are pretty nice, others ok

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This artist is from Toronto I believe. He's kind of got a Big Sean flow (to me). Check him out. He's nice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep3lvoQkZ3A&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YujcWKGdf50&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOZ4glSiQAY&feature=related

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Not sure if someone already posted this but it's real smooth. Kendrick is last verse smokeyface [URL]

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Sorry bru, did I anger you cause I'm not from Mesopotomia?

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The problem is he's Canadian. Also he's not even from a city with a big hip hop scene, he's from Edmonton. There's a lot of talented rappers in Canada, however, only a few have blown up.

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Whoever thinks Lupe needs to "sit down" knows nothing about hip hop.

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So much talent, too bad he doesn't stay true to his craft.

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Oh, and this just dropped. [URL]

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Prince Ea is one of the most intelligent and lyrical artists the hip hop game has seen in a while. Seriously, how many rappers do you know that can summarize humanities evolution in 8 minutes. Prince Ea is the only rapper that can draw attention from magazines that vary in topic from Science to hip hop. Magazines like Discover and Vibe . Yet, his hype is fading away. Prince Ea's sound and lyrics are unlike any artist in hip hop. So please listen. [URL]

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Dude's definitely on his grind all the time. Cause he needs to be right? His dad's only worth like $340 million.

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No problem bro. That he is

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