anyone own any rogue boots? specifically rogue platon boots. myhabit has em on sale, just wondering if anyone knows about the sizing. [Image]

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[Quote] ask for a black castle, or a black and tan. guinness poured over new castle, or bass. Pretty solid, especially if ur not yet big into good brews.

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[Quote] cosign

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wasnt sure what section to put this under so plz move if it should be somewhere else. Im looking for an old cosby T, prolly like 5 years back or so. Had a milk carton missing person sign with crunchy black on it. if anyone has one they wanna let go of hit a dude up with a price.

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sorry, i think he got red flagged, for getting 600 votes in an hour. he contacted them, so hopefully it will be back up smh

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so a group started called "granite state girls" and i guess people go on and vote for people and they get to be in a calendar and walk for cancer, and my brother looked in the rules and it says nothing about you have to be a girl. so you guys should help out and vote for him!!! because it would be funny. kthx [URL]

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hahaha sry, idk referring to that boss the primearch or whatever. isnt he the one that is like the big face with the 4 shoulder weapons each one does a different elemental attack.

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^ naw, to depressing having a carton last 2 days hahaha. I did for a bit when i moved to boston, back and forth from NH. but gas pretty much didnt save me much money. n hell naw 24 and 2 jobs, i would feel like a dong using my parents money for that.. haha

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^ che, it was/is horrid. was at like 2-3 which i view as farely normal for a smoker. Then isht got kindof crazy in my life and i got stressed out. weening myself off 4-5 now is just as hard as i think it would be to quit. Granted since i started rolling its harder too judge, i think i smoke less though cuz im lazy haha.

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I just started today, on 360. Its real good they knocked down so many little details. Like when you look at your goals you pull out like a piece of paper with hand scrawled notes, and a little built in compass. If its dark then your out of luck trying to hold up a little lighter to it. It is really oldschool, (doesnt hold your hand, and doesnt give a damn about the player) shooting is a little wonky but stealth is usually a better option anyhow so its all good. But yah i would recommend a play through.

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bleh, but my corner store man hits me up cheap. used to smoke reds, but 4-5 packs a day hits the wallet hard. and now i cant go back to filtered cigs. heh [Image]

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metro 2033, assassins creed 2. BC2 multi play. etc etc

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he is the boss with the 5 parts right? 4 shoulder type weapons then face. Try experimenting with different burn orders, thats what i did. I think my success was right inside, then left outside, then right outside, then left inside. From your point of view, not the bosses so like your right and left. essentially i think my order was blizzard weapon, then lightning, then (water? ), then i believe i killed fire last. I saved my summon for after i killed all extra parts in order to bring boss to stagger. Then i didnt enter gestalt mode, that way he would stay in stagger when my summon left (hit stagger at the very end so i had alot of the bar left.) Then just BURRNED as hard as i could. The next boss after him was the tricky one for me haha.

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check out next day air. with black scrubs, mos def, eddie windslow. haha way too under rated. Cant get enough of it lately **edit, also check out high life. Not exactly a drug movie but a heist movie that entailed alot of characters whos lives revolved around drugs. hahaha ohhh and def check out bad lieutenant with nicholas cage HAHAHA SOOO GOOD

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[Quote] ohdamn, yah i have it on 360, but will add you up on my ps3. heh, im pretty much on mw2 on my ps3

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