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A friend of mine drew it on my wall; [Image]

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This girl was talking to a friend of mine, and he couldn't remember her name..I was so fucking drunk and I walked up to her, got reeaally close to her face and whispered: "You're not even special enough for people to remember your name.." Surprisingly, she threw all her booze at me and bitchslapped the fucked outta me : (

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Sabre Vision is very good in my experience atleast..

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[Quote] You mean Faces Of Death? Yeah, that shit was sick.. Remember watching vids where dudes got decapasitated(sp?) and shit when I was like 11-12 years old lol.. sick

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hahahaha, internet-terror

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haha wtf.. I am awake 20 of 24 hours every day(unless its weekend) : S

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[Quote] same here.. it sucks, but good friends is the answer, for real..

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[Quote] wow that's so cool, srsly guis.

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who the fuck cares, emo.. You need anger management.

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Sorry for bad quality, taken with my cellphone:\ [Image] H&M WESC Cheap Monday Half Cabs

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