[Image] my contribution.

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has it really come to this? people can't figure out how to do the simplest things? or are they just too lazy to figure stupid shit out and would rather sit on their computer and post the question? come on now.

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[Image] fuckin sick....

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[Quote] what he said... but maybe not as harsh. haha.

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little asian girl rain coat. all you need is a hello kitty logo.

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[Image] i thought this picture was hilarious.

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http://jonphenom.com/store/store.html jon makes some ill jeans.

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go with canon or nikon manual slr cameras... i wouldn't recommend getting an old hand held camcorder unless you're thinking of getting an 8mm or 16mm camera. film and processing/conversion to digital gets expensive for those video cameras.

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the hundreds have a hat with that cherry print all over it... comin out soon.

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everyone rocks bandanas. everyone rocks big bold prints. everyone has a collaboration tee in limited runs. everyone has a blog. not knocking. just observing.

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girls snowboarding related gear onlyyyyyyy.

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pretty bold statement. more so than the "Pharrell can't skate." t.shirt.

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calumet, samys.... look up photo stores in LA and start calling. there's a store called "The Used Camera Store" in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach... it's all old cameras.... B&H online has some used stuff... check ebay though... you can find almost everything you want there.

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here's one of my favorites... will.i.am: "even if you ate pebbles, your shit wouldn't rock." (<- that shit's so classic!) and another from will.i.am: "i'm hard to handle like bikes with no bars."

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