are either of these shoes made in a US 13 and still available anywhere?

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just got word from my VERY good friend inthe know that they'll be in Denver, CO April 27th

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good for AD

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[URL] I think they have some stuff that goes up to 46....44 for sure

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its clever-ish I guess, but I'd laugh if I saw a "regular" person rockin it I think then again, maybe not

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dudes I know been doin it since the 80's....its a gang thing though. I've seen non gang related dudes get hassled for 'em so it really only goes down as far as fashion in the burbs and certain areas of the city

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depends on the brand Im 6'0", 250lbs+ some 3X stuff works for me, some 4X is too tight. its hit or miss as for bigger sizes selling out, thats usually cause they'll only have 1-2 pieces in a pack same goes for shoes...I wear a 13, and if you dont get 'em on the 1st day or so, youre s.o.l

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do you man... dont let these cats tell you what will or wont work I'd do it without a 2nd thought.

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all black kicks. leave it at that

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way more? wtf?!?!

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[Quote] exactly...dont put me in it

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[Quote] youre kidding right? is full of people that wear various company names all over various articles of clothing. and can someone explain how clothing would go over someones head? aside from literally pulling a shirt over my head, I dont see it........

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to me, the major difference is where each is sold. once something is sold in a dept. store, I think it would lose its streetwear "credibility"(whatever that is) another huge difference in my eyes is that streetwear is highly derivative. flipping of logos or reusing popular themes. A VAST majority of streetwear is derived from something people are already familiar with whether it be a Biggie or Wu tang rap lyric, or an image of Paris Hilton or George Bush thats been photoshopped to serve another purpose or pass on a message. something sold in a dept. store probably cant get away with that. it cant take the risks that a smaller independent streetwear brand could. I really dont think rock or hip hop have much to do with any of it considering its getting to the point that everybody listens to everything nowdays. Urban and street are almost synonymous depending on how you look at it so....

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this is hilarious

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[Quote] I got burned like that on some "limited" fitted a local store had. Bought 3, but the people that asked for them vanished. I probably coulda returned them, but I HATE returning stuff to store...more than I hate trying stuff on in store, and I really hate that. But I ended up keeping(read:getting stuck with) 1, selling 1 on ebay, and selling the last one to a friend of one of the original people that had asked me to pick it up in the 1st place. that lil ordeal soured me completely on pick ups for strangers.

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