can't wait for that villa manifesto

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I wish i could post links but heads know whats up when i speak of Hi-Tek and Kweli....THE BLAST....just one of my favorite beats of all time

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"Still bangin in YA JEEP......YEEAAHH....its like dat and it dont stop.......2000 BEYYOONNDDD... REST IN POWER

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Bought some shoes from him recently......very prompt on the communication front......all around good seller....looking forward to doing more business with him in the future....

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Ques. about the messenger is the messenger bag a large or small???

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BTW......dope track wish i woulda caught the listening at union a while ago

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anybody know who's on the beat......i remember mos saying in an interview that he linked up with madlib for tracks for his new album....i like to think im a good judge of lib's beats when i hear them....but lib is so versatile that he always bound to surprise u....

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bump cause im interested....sent pm

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can anyone hook it up with church and state......the links on the bangers site don't work anymore or maybe im not clicking them hard enough????

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their not enough words to describe my infatuation with Jay Dee......shit all i can really say is I will NOT forget Jay Dilla....R.I.P.

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Gil-Scott Heron......Winter in America Jeremy Holmes' HYPE part got on a straight Blaxploitation fix right now

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damn i can't wait for august........ to get here....once i saw Slum Villa on the bill that pretty much sealed the deal.......i can only hope that their set will be Fan. Vol.2 heavy

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Just out curiousity but could any of my fellow beasts point into the direction in regards to where i might be able to purchase xlarge japan items other than calif and zozo......moreso will i more than likely need to get a proxy. THANKS

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good looking shine

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