Gosling and Cranston should be really dope. [URL] discuss.

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whos in there??? quite the line-up.... will update with more visible picture when available..

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Track is fire! Great to hear some new material [URL]

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So a good friend of mine asked me to spread around his music. I threw together some of his music on Soundcloud to spread around. He does all of his own production. 20 years old. Any feedback would be real cool.. thanks fam. [URL]

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[URL] smokeyface 01. Young Jeezy

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[URL] download! listen! so dope smokeyface Paper Girls Monsters Ink The Power Sticks and Stones those are some favorites

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Haven't seen one of these for a minute.. but post stories about your past roommates, current roommates etc... currently I want to smack the FUCK out of one of my roommates and his dumb cunt girlfriend. bitch ass niiggas. people who cry about little ass things need to get a bat to the face. |0 /cool story bro.

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[URL] smokeyface

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Trying to decide what to kawwwwp. info? whats better??)

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top blunt wrap and top rolling paper. need suggestions.blushing

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help? what apps to use for mac to download torrents?

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anyone ever seen the cool kids live? going to cool kids/del concert tonight in portland. seen del a few times and he's always dope but how are the cool kids? it's the northwest music festival.

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