ALL BRAND NEW with or without tags Paypal only, send as gift or add paypal fees Shipping is on me (within continental US) Cash is preferred. 1. Diamond x Jasper limited crewneck, size large, $90 obo [Image] THANKS!

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no tagged pics.

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lookin for a tie dye hoodie, only one id consider so far that ive found is the Mod Sun hoodie.. looking for other options though

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deelete please

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ALL ARE BRAND NEW UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED ALL XL Paypal only, as gift or add paypal fees DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. - Blue tee in top right has been worn/washed 2x *SAS Collab Tees are gone* [Image]

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more chill songs like these? i love this kind of music its also my go to music when im high, but it doesnt have to be for that. [Embed content]

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for the past few days, the subscribed threads arent coming up the screen just stays white also on a different note, my message indication always shows a random high number

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really want a dope tye die hoodie, but post up anything tye die THANKS

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For those who I have done business with, please leave feedback here. Thanks!

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delete please

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I have a brand new watch that i got for my birthday last month, never got to wearing it so i just wanted to get some money for it [Image] - Shock Resistant - 200M Water Resistant - Mirror Dial with Metallic & Gloss Finishes Retails for $99.99 BIN: $80.99 OBO & i will pay for basic shipping w/ tracking within the US Thanks!

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ay im looking to get a gold chain, around 28" i dont usuall fux with jewelry, so i dont have any idea where to get shit. im not tryna get a solid gold $600 necklace, gold plated or whatever will do. but im goin for something like this for example [Image] any help would be appreciated!

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all are DS, unless stated otherwise. payment via paypal, +4% or as gift. shipping is not necessarily included in the BIN prices. prices may be negotiable. Croc 5 panel strapback in navy. BIN- 50 Houndstooth Snapback in brown. BIN- 50 Arabic tee in red, size XL. BIN- 50 [Image]

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