I recently picked up a copy of the latest "Inventory" mag at Self Edge in the Mission here in SF.  Just wondering if anyone else is reading that mag.  What are your impressions?  Anyone subscribing to it?  

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Two new pickups to my collection, both old school Michael Lau toys. Young Prodig figure [Image]

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I collect mostly AM90s and AM95's, but can try to share some info about the fakes that I've seen while shopping in Asia. I often spot fakes by looking at the shoe from a side profile photo, such as toebox areas that aren't well rounded, funny looking air bubbles, or midsoles that are too thin or painted poorly. The birdseye photo of the AM1 you're interested in buying makes it hard to evaluate some of the more common fake features that I've seen before.  The photo is also a bit grainy, so it's hard to compare the fabric/materials to real AM1's that I've seen.  I'm guessing you're trying to buy a pair of these Euro AM1 Burgundy's?  [URL] The seller doesn't have any other photos to share with you or isn't willing to take more photos?  I'd be cautious if the seller won't give you other photos.

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Ha ha ha!  Love it.  Glad you posted that.

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Cool Lego figure collection. I bought a Lego Stormtrooper keychain a year ago and use it everyday. Saw an Iron Man Lego figure that I want to buy as well.

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Out here in the SF Bay Area mostly Asian and Black guys wear the Foams - usually with baggy or loose jeans. Havent seen anyone rock the foams with skinny jeans yet. That'd be strange for the Bay Area.

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Nice! Gotta love the level of detail in the HK and Japan figures. Just sucks that they're often so expensive. Never bought any of the 3A stuff, but always thought they looked cool. I could see how a collector could easily get hooked on the 3A stuff because of the unique design style. I thought about picking up this figure called "Da Lowfool" from Fool's Paradise, a smaller HK toy designer, but ended up passing. Wasn't sure of the quality and at $300+ that's a lot. [Image]

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Had a pair of the carolina blue and white Foamposites back when they originally released ten or so years ago. Got them for cheap at Champs on clearance. Guess no one liked that colorway, but I didn't care because they were only for basketball. The Foamposites offered a ton of cushioning and support, but didn't breathe well. The shoes always looked like space boots to me, but couldn't argue with the comfort and design factors. If the current Foams weren't so ridiculously priced and I could find a pair in a neutral color (not neon or rainbow like all the current colorways), I might consider picking up a pair. Most likely not though.

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Not a recently released toy, but a new pickup for me - original Michael Lau Crazychildren (CC) King. Had been searching for this one for years. Definitely one of my favorites in my collection. I don't like Michael Lau's recent work as much though. I miss his original 6" figures. [Image]

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