Are you depressed?

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Anyone hear of the nigga Shlohmo? Dude is a beast producer. Thread is pretty useless without vids/links, because I'm too lazy to post But this nigga is incredible, youtube him up smokeyface

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How do you niggas cope with this shit? It comes and goes for me, but I wanna be in control 24/7 dogs.

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I think my dopamine levels are way too fucking high, I'm never sleepy, hungry, or horny and I don't feel normal man.. I mean I'd like to feel exhausted and crave food, what the fuck? dopamine problems post on hb

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i fucking love weed

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??????????? Profit

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It's all love niggas I love u all even u fuck niggas and u gay boys merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!! blushing

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I'm looking for something along the lines of Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield, Six Feet Under, and Breaking Bad. Any older shows to look into?

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dat insecurity smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Today I reached enlightenment through meditation.. the experience bros.. was bliss.

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All bitches fall in love with a nigga, I can see it in they eyes when they converse with a nigga. #youknow

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Is your mind quiet all the time? Do you still have random thoughts throughout your day? My mind is basically a perpetual state of emptiness.

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hey guys its time for a new pair of shoes. i can't decide between these two. [Image] what do you guys think?

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so I'm going to get new prescription eyeglasses, I have two choices: [Image] YOUR OPINIONS!

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[Image] opinions? considering copping, only 24$ o_o

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