[Embed content] APES RUN IT.  http://www.mediafire.com/download/33zx0qx8o197pvr/APESRUNIT++Banana+Clips+Vol.+1.zip

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I hate looking at my website. i want someone to just make it look presentable in a timely manner. if you know anything about simple coding and understand how to change things using cpanel let's talk. www.ev4nholt.com tell me if that shit isn't annoying

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ayyee. send them beats tho ev4nholt(at)gmailDOTcom and my nigga nilknahs on his 40ozvan shit selling hats in 2013 haha. www.pardonthewave.com

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[Image] i went to new york and had it shot. i'll keep yall posted [Embed content]

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thou shall not steal kill nor take for granted what we are given.

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http://soundcloud.com/papdonna/girl-like-you-ev4n-x-peter[Image] if you aren't keeping up with my tumblr ev4nholt.tumblr.com Photo Credit Kevin Shanklin

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yeah it's thanksgiving but i think we've all heard enough albums this year. im going with WATCH THE moTHAFUCKNG THRONE mayne.

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[Embed content] shot by @Shanklin

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so this ♥♥♥♥♥ shit is just as good if not better than any release off top dawg thus far. fuck taking money outta ♥♥♥♥♥s pockets but it deserves a listen. From what ive realized about TDE is they have a pretty systematical approach to all their releases so it's just as structured as kendricks shit or anything else they put out. dope shit [URL]

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my opinion doesn't matter

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the homie sings/raps/produces/engineers his own shit on some ryan leslie shit and he's only 16. the tape speaks for itself. dont miss out on some trill shit. fuck a bitch or something to it DOWNLOAD [URL]

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fuck it. this is an exclusive lmao artist leaking artist music ftw even thou its supposed to be out already. this shit hard af tho [Image] [URL]

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