ima miss you i really miss the real hb with the good posters like db, craig and the rest of the real hb fam(and more names alot of more names) there are certain homies ill fthumb up beacuase i fucx wittcha but everything s stale nowadays  trsut me hb i fuc with alotta you guys  i just wish hb was posting like everyone used too  im leaving untill HB off topic makes a comeback  im sorry, the fam-o istn what it was

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Hb lads,         I regrettably inform you guys that HB is dying. This KTT beef is causing a bunch of KTT faggots to grace and ruin the wonderful and beautiful forum that we have all known to love aka Hypebeast, 2013 members will forever be the shittiest posters HB has ever seen. New registration should be closed for an unknown amount of time untill this shit rolls over.       The other issue that has been bugging the fuck out of me is the attention that Tracy aka SupaRise continuously gets on this forum. Yes i know im contradicting myself by mentioning this fuck boy but someone has to say something, its getting way the fuck out of hand. My idea that im proposing to you all is that everyone should stop posting in his threads, thumbing up or down on all of his posts and just ignoring the faggot and he will just fade away.      HB is dying right before our eyes lads.                                                   Sincerely                                                                    eflodolo  P.S. eflodolo for 2013 hypebeast president

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Just signed a lease for my first apartment. One bedroom one bath 550 sq feet for 650 a month. what in the fuck are you fuckboiz up to

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I see you talking all that shit in the wdywt, post a fit bitch nigga

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dis you johnny? [Embed content]

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Well go on..........................

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i dont understand how all other streetwear brands practically failed to make it mainstream or make any other form of money except supreme. all supreme does is make decent fitting clothes/hats wit their ugly ass logo on it. somebody tell me why it blew up? tyler? ghostface? i dont fucking get it. riddle me that you dickheads

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