yes, size down! Mine feel baggy smh

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Why would you want to resell to someone who is an "retard". Isn't that what the first person did to you? They got away with selling fakes so now you just do it to someone else? What if the person who sold them to you bought them, found out they were fakes, and sold them to you. Now you are just doing the same thing to someone else. I say trash em or give them to a bum.

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Ahhh! The angel of death/jordan one is great. I really liked their "gangster situations" shirt too.

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Yeah, a long time ago my mom bought me a medium polo tee... it was super long on me (only 5 7' or so 135lbs.), but the materials were super nice ane really soft.

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$100 Canadian or $100 American?

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Yeah, world tour are $40 plus tax. I think they have up to group 5 so far, but I'm not sure. I never remember to check for accessories, but I saw some stussy beenies... Browntown and Stadium new era's are $35 I think, but I might be wrong. I know the plaid one is more though. Maybe $50??

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They have a lot of new world tour tees, not sure on the dogtags though...

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I [U]might[/U] be headed up there today, I can see how much they are...

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Here are a few I took. I will upload more once I drag the scanner out...tongueface [Image]

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I don't think they are for sale. I believe they are all 1/1 hand made figures. So if you did buy it it would cost you $$. The banksy one is from that picture of him in the monkey mask thing.

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I've skated in a bunch of FCs, jordan packs, vapors, kentuckys, eires, and a few others.

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the BEST It's all about THE GONZ! He has amazing style and was way ahead of his time. Same goes for Natas. Those two for sure are hall of famers.

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I think it is Nin Troung (sp) who might be art director or something at Manik/part owner of Goods. I think a bunch of those companies are run by a lot of the same people... Goods, Maiden Noir, Manik, Luxe Riot... I might be wrong though. HUF carries it to I think.

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New guy here, I'm from up north... Marysville |0

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