Been listening to the video of the Keef feature on Youtube for months now, so happy it's on this. Honestly, the worst SMOSM though. Flocka had his time. He's not ever going to go back to Flockaveli/LFJ1,2 era.

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[Quote] It's no coincidence that she started smoking again within the last few episodes; I'm thinking Walt's gonna poison/kill her with the ricin cig that he stashed, sooner rather than later. In the S5E1 opener (which I'm guessing is referencing the beginning of the second half of the last season), he's not wearing a ring so she definitely either dies or they get divorced.

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[Quote] I'm thinking this is foreshadowing.

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I don't even know if anyone in this thread even comes on here anymore, but it turns out that Ghetto Gowns actually exists. Promo (featuring footage of the guy who used to run Cosby): [Embed content] New stuff: Kinda bummed out, seems like a devolution of Zack's potential. Shouts out to dertbag for keeping it wavy and shouting out Zack/Hassan/Cosby all the time though. Really inspirational shit.

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[Image] HOLY SHIT. Best Spring collection in years. This for sure. Polka dot chambray. Maybe towel.

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[Quote] Malto and Olson confirmed on Nike. Mike Mo on DC.

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Brooks Brothers ESF is probably the best under $100 oxford you can get. Really nice fit, decent fabric and construction. They're often on sale for like 3/$150 which is incredible. They're worth it at full retail (like $70-$80 depending on the specific shirt) as well. Rugby Ralph Lauren also makes decent oxfords. Really soft fabric, good fit, decent construction. They're slightly distressed which kinda sucks, but it's not really noticeable unless you look up close. Also, they cut their SMLXL an inch longer in the arms, so where most brands Mediums are 15.5 x 33, Rugby's are 34. Like $60 retail, but they ALWAYS go on sale. Also, Rugby always does 15% off for students for full priced items, so you'll never have to pay more than $50 Land's End/LEC are decent for the price, especially on sale, but when you can get Rugby or Brooks Brothers for a similar price, they're really not that great. If you can scoop for like $30 or so, they're good. They used to retail at $30 and you could get them on sale for under $20, which was amazing. On that note, LL Bean has surprisingly really nice and fitted oxfords. I don't know the exact retail, but I think it's around $30. Good fit, decent fabric. Obviously, at that pricepoint, you're not getting an amazing shirt, but you could do a lot worse for a lot more. Modern Tailor's shirts are actually in the range of $70 or so. The test shirts are $20 and if you can measure clothing well (which, for some reason, a lot of people have trouble with), the first shirt is an incredible deal for MTM. At full retail, it's an ok value. Fabric is kinda shitty for the price, but for MTM, it's a really good price. I actually just went to Uniqlo for the first time and got a few button downs a few weeks back, incredible steal at $30. Really nice fit, long arms. Fabric is whatever, but it's a $30 shirt, so you can't expect too much. RVCA, as with all skateboarding clothing, is overpriced for what you get.

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Spaceghostpurrp over Purple Swag just sounds so right. I had really high hopes for this and it surpassed them in every way. Incredible. Production is so on point.

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Worst Meek tape. Dude was real nice before he signed to Officer Ricky's shit though, plus only dude to come out of Philly in forever.

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I wouldn't recommend anything below something of Allen Edmonds quality. Expensive shoes usually end up costing less (per year of ownership) than shitty shoes and when they do wear out, you can get them refurbished by the company for cheap. In addition, cheap dress shoes always look super shitty. You can usually scoop up a pair of Allen Edmonds at like a Nordstrom Rack for 200 or so, which might seem expensive, but like I said, will end up being cheaper (and looking better and more comfortable) than getting a bunch of pairs of shitty shoes that wear out really quick. Those Cole Haans have a nice silhouette, but are made using really shitty corrected grain leather (which is basically shitty leather where they sand off scars and blemishes from the surface and cover it with chemicals, which is why it's unnaturally shiny) and probably have crappy paper mache insoles and aren't fully leather lined. Plus, for a made in China shoe, they're exorbitantly priced.

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Clarks Desert Boots Beeswax or Sand Suede ~ 100 Slim dark denim ~ 50 Slim khaki chinos ~ 50 White Vans Authentics ~ 50 Light blue oxford button down ~ 50 White oxford button down ~ 50 Assorted tees (white, black, grey) ~ 50 Peacoat from army surplus store ~ 50

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[Quote] For the next page.

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For some reason, they're on sale for $3 in store this weekend. Scooped up 9 shirts. For the price, unbeatable. About as nice as AA, which I like but for sure aren't worth retail.

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Haha, they work on commission, so it makes sense that they'd be super nice and helpful to people who are going to buy $200+ jeans and whatnot. I'll see what they have to say, thanks!

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