If I upgrade to the newest version of iTunes, will it erase my music library so that I have to add all my songs again? it did that before when I upgraded to iTunes 9. Not all my songs were purchased from iTunes itself, and I have a feeling it will only keep the ones that were purchased through iTunes. Help please? Thanks guys.

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I was looking to change my Windows Vista dock to display text instead of icons, like this: [Image] I'm running Windows Vista, i tried WindowsBlinds, and RainMeter, and to no avail. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks guys.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIjpP-XngKA ADD ON

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[Image]smokeyfacesmokeyface Just watched this a couple weeks ago...cinemetography was what you would expect from Michael Mann....overall an incredible flick, based on the Big Tobacco lawsuits from the 90's.

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I just kind of wanted a second opinion...I work this boring overnight shift 9 pm to 7 am...and then i go home and sleep all day and get up and go right back to work. The problem is, half the time I can't sleep during the day and end up staying up all day miserable and then falling asleep at work. Meanwhile, all my friends party every night and I miss out on everything. I am putting in my two weeks notice, fuck it. I know the economy is tough to get another job, but I'm going back to school in the fall anyways, and I'd honestly rather work at Mcdonalds then do this anymore. Thoughts?

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[Image] I thought the doom ep was dope, except for the fact that some of the verses are recycled. Fashawn's mixtape, very good as well.

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[Image] smokeyface

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