[Quote] what kind of dress shoes? isnt that the point of this thread? thats like saying "basketball shoes" instead of "jordan XI's", insufficient info please dont tell me your shoe game doesn't extend into anything other than athletic (this post goes for anyone else answering this thread in the same manner).

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looking forward to giving this a listen. i really liked the 2nd one, although it got old kinda quick for me, but still liked it. Im much more of a murs fan than atmosphere.

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I like him overall, but his stuff is hit and miss for me, some of it i love (ghosts n stuff, faxing berlin, road to nowhere, etc), but some other parts of his mixes do nothing for me.

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What is everyone using for difficulty settings? i have all the electronic aid's turned off and on medium its not much of a challenge, but on hard if i let someone pass me then i never can catch back up to them?) seems like a huge jump from medium to hard. Maybe if i just turn the stability and traction control back on it will help.

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[Quote] these are dope. what are they?

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Maybe its just me but i cant enlarge that image, wont let me click on it, so i cant tell anthing about the shoes other than they are purple.

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[Quote] yea i have it on hard but i just have stability control turned on. I was using alot of the lower end cars though, i just started the calss c championship and have the 02 camaro ss and its a bit more difficult to control the car than the 250hp front drive cars i had been using. I may still end up turning the stability off though. Still trying to not use rewind. Only used it once last night and thats when i drove into the sand cuz i was itching my head (dont you hate those moments, haha) i think rewind is approproate in those cases. blushing

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[Quote] gonna pick up my copy today after work, hope to have some feedback once i get some time in. Just sucks knowing that i wont be able to play as much as i like due to work and the fact that i live with my GF now... Please give her some night shifts so i can have tv to myself when i get home blushing

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i only caught wale's performance of kanye's song the other day, but i must admit that when i heard they were inducting def jam as a whole i thought that was kinda weak, but thats just because i have loved the first few. I will have to catch the whole thing on palladium to judge performances. But i also agree that having kanye's music on there is taking away from the nostalgia of the event that i liked so much. I just hope they dont water it down or lower their standards. When you talk about rakim, big daddy kane, tribe, etc you cant start putting newer lesser artists in there just to have a show and make money.

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yea a great show, i watched the 2nd season on demand on the cable box in a few days right before season 3 started, still have not seen any of first season. I hate don draper more each episode, just because betty is the most beautiful woman on tv right now&)

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that sounds like enough for me though. Just was hoping it wasn't like gran turismo where all you could do was rims. Been seeing the commercials on tv lately, gettin anxious.

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[Quote] yea you might want to wear something with an EVA midsole (NB's would work), both those shoes you named are mostly just rubber outsoles. Not sure what to do about the flat feet.

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word. i used to get them at cost from BB. Their $80 rocketfish cable is at cost for like $6, that lets you know that its just propaganda, guys above are correct, with the digital lossless cable no amount of shielding or insulation really matters much, on analog signals then yes. They are just hyping everyone to believe that you need it on hdmi as well. monoprice is best site for all cables of any kind!

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