I have two ornate hoodies for sale if anyone is interested, and a few tees also, they are smaller sizes though.

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H&M did have some nice ones but I'm not sure now with the weather getting nice

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[Quote] All the prices are on the site. I got one of the Tilt green bubble hoodies from the site, one of the 228 ones, and even though the site says 165, I'm pretty sure I paid like 130 shipped or somewhere around there.

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I have a BNWT Grn Apple Tree ornate hoody for sale size small

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Mishka is on point and have been killin it for a long time. The guys are super cool too which is always a good thing. the new lines are going to be real good i can't wait for some of the things to drop.

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I dont mind it on anything nike, but the other companies that are using it way to much and even building their entire company around it, including it on almost everything they put out. Its a nice pattern but it is being over used today, but what can you do about it if you dont like it dont buy it, hopefully the trend will die down.

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the colors are real nice just not sure if im feeling the all patent

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what's funny about the tiffs coming out with the vapors is my local spot called me about the tiffs coming in and said they would sell them to me for 80 bucks and i was completely broke and thought id be able to get them a few days later and they sold the whole size run to some guy in canada for like $150 a piece.I still kick my self for not coming up with the money for those. But look at the latest SB's and what not releases as there are a ton of new people coming into the game everyday, let them buy up all the crap and hopefully the fad will be over and good stuff will start to release.

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[Quote] How can you say they pay attention to quality and detail if you dont have one or have never wore one? I have a few 10Deep shirts and two hoodys and I must say they are some of the worst put together, and printed things I own. The hoody was loosing threads right out of the box not to mension how thin it was when it was labled as a lined hoody. The sewing and construction were both week. The shirts I have gotten from them were terribly printed and after the first time I washed them they faded terribly. 10Deep may not be a hype brand to you but they are. Their quality sucks, and honestly how many seasons can they just change a few colors and use the same damn designs on everything? Its really getting old, I think maybe they are at a creative standstill and have maxed out their ideas. I hope people will stop hyping up their lines and not buy all this recycled stuff from previous collections.

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i heard walmart has a sick collection out right now, it will match up to the quality of 10 deep with no problem.

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everthing that is posted on hypebeast and everything you cool d00ds talk about all day long. fashion is overrated.

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yea i missed out on the space dot sweater too

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In4mation has the Know1edge wallet and i think it is like 120

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