Alright, so i'm never really on here. Reason for sale, is i'm going on a road trip in about a week from now. I use to be real into shoes, but i'm back into cars now. So help me fun my road trip! I understand these aren't the rarest shoes ever. So i'm offering them cheap, so i can pay for gas ha. Paypal Only. + fees Prices are without shipping. No trades Cash only. Lowballers welcome <3 Anyways, first up. [B]Paul Rodriguez 2 Zoom Air High, Size 10.5 - SOLD [/B] [B]Neff City Wings Gulf White, Size 10 - $60[/B] Worn a handful of times, normal denim stain on top heal/tongue. I would rate 6.5-7/10 [Image]

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[Quote] Haha yea, i didn't bother to say anything. I'm feeling $80 is fair, what do you think. They were $129 + tax almost a year ago

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, haven't been on in a while. I just need a quick price check. How much would P-rod II highs cement/red vnds worn twice go for?

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best price for purps skytops, shipping 92591

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hey if anyone is bored or pretty good at photoshop, can someone photoshop this picture of a car for me? i just want to change it from black to white, idk how [Image] much appreciated

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Canvas-toothpaste warm watter soft brisle tooth brush leather/sole-dish sponge soap or toothpaste suede-soft brisle brush very little soap, rinse well, blow dry

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Calls: Sooner or later - NERD Text: HKS SSQV BOV - (sound clip) Voicemail: Standard LG Beep

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Damn, so wtf should i do now? it seems like i pretty much just reassured her of her relationship either/or i showed her what she was doing wasn't right. what would you do if you were me?

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Alright so get this, I think I absolutely killed my chances now. So I'm sweet talkin her and shit and I happened to slip and call her babe. She trips the fuck out she's like whoa brian (me) don't call me babe. I don't think anthony (him) would like that. So I'm like yes you're right I'm sorry. And she's like quote unquote.. "idk, that threw me off. Maybe I'm leading you on.. Idk? Buuut.. Maybe it should stop?" And I'm like no don't say that. I shouldn't have said it anyway. And she's like "no really." I'm like hmm idk what to say and she finally says "me neither. I have to go, I'll text you tomorrow" So now I'm like oh fuck me right.. Seriously I think I pushed it too far. Maybe she thought I think were seeing eachother behind this dudes back and it just triggered it ya know? So I'm here almost contemplating suicide cause of my dumb ass move.. I don't even know what to do now. Seriously I can't even fuckin sleep now.. Ps. This shit took me ten years to type. I'm in my room reading this shit on an iPhone..

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you're right, i'm pretty confident that its gonna happen. the only thing i worry about now, is would she do that shit to me.

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[Quote] Not even. straight up, since the day they've been together. people have been telling her to drop him cause he's a douche.

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Damn Chew, that shit was good. but still, idk. what about the other dude? i would fucking kill someone if they tried to step to my chick.. i dont think i could live knowing i offed someone elses relationship. fuck me.. i fuckin worry too much.

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So before you haters crack your nuckles and start burning me over the keyboard for asking this, i really need a serious opinion. Alright so yea, there's this chick who's honestly one of the prettiest girls at school. i've known her for about a year but i've never had the guts to spit game at her so yeah we became friends and what not, i always thought i never had the chance so i never really said anything. So just recently i decided to finally say somethin, but she has a boyfriend of 5 months. (yea fml right?) the thing is i've been flirting with her for a few days now, and i'm like telling her i wanna be with her and stuff. and suprisingly she told me she would love to give me that chance but she's caught up in a relationship right now and she doesn't want to throw away her relationship just because i like her and that she wouldn't leave unless she really knew what she was leaving it for. and i said wow thats cool, so here is where i need the advice. real talk, i know i would be soo pissed of some fool tried to steal my girl. so i really do feel like a jerk for even thinkin about this. but she really is a good girl, and shes giving me a chance. so now its to the point that she wants to see what kind of guy i am before she makes any drastic decisions. question is, should i follow through? i kinda played the odds, her friends would know i stole her from another guy, i would have to live with that on my chest. and secondly, if she's thinking about leaving another guy for me.. what about if this does happen, would she leave me? idk, i'm struggling and am so confused. oh and i'm taking her out on saturday, as friends though. cause i'm really against doing someone grimy like that. HELP >DP

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my family owns a glock 26, two beretta M92FS, .45ACP Kimber 1911, and an AR15 stubby. and i have airsoft guns too, ones that would make you shit bricks

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wut? seriously, thats too young?

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