yo these kids went to my hs and have actually started to blow up. lmao i fuck with it tho. they got bars [Embed content]

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honestly just wash them bro. even if you do a good job spot cleaning, they're probably going to get discolored and still smell like shit. if you wash them in an ice cold bath with woolite dark it's unlikely that they'll loose too much indigo. oh and obviously let them air dry. also -- the whole "if i wash my raws before 6 months they're not going to fade" myth just isn't true. there's even a video of the owners of selfedge talking about how you should wash your jeans whenever they start to smell.

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[Quote] info on bomber?

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[Quote] good looks man, thanks for the advice

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what's up yall. i haven't posted on here in a while, but i'm looking for some advice about college and figured some of you might be able to help.  anyway, i go to a top-tier liberal arts college, but am interested in studying design, which they don't really support.  i just started my sophomore year and feel like none of the classes i'm taking will actually help me in my career. that being said, because there aren't many other student interested in design, there's hardly any competition for design-related opportunities on campus, which has been a plus. recently, i've started considering the idea of transferring to a design school (parsons, RISD, etc), but part of me feels like it would be a waste of an opportunity to leave the school i'm at. (i don't want to go into the details, but it's a very prestigious school with a strong alumni network, though not necessarily in the field of design.) basically, i was wondering if anyone with a career in design could give me some advice as to whether it makes sense to transfer now or just stick out the next two years and then specialize in design after i've graduated.  do fashion brands exclusively hire students from design schools, or will they also consider students with a major unrelated to design? thanks for the help and sorry if my writing wasn't very organized. (also, i looked for a college thread but couldn't find one so if that exists could someone please send me a link to it?)

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[Quote]vans zero lo

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you're dumb and so is this video

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[Quote]info on the af1s plz

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just cop that northface bruh, no need for unnecessary layering

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bukowski is great the basketball diaries by jim carroll the art of fielding (forget the name of the author) on the road by kerouac those are just a few of my personal favorites

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yeah blades and wesc usually come through with fire sales

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honestly though the beauty about nyc is that almost all the restaurants you find are gonna be pretty good

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my little pizzeria for a quick slice in downtown bk, totonno's in coney island for the best pizza you'll ever eat

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[Quote]wesc, i have the same one

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