What do you guys think about cardigans these days? I've been seeing more and more people rocking them these days. Do you consider cardigans to fresh or wack?

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My list of stores so far include: Union, ARC, and Supreme. Any other stores I should be on the lookout for? Try to keep it near the location of the first three stores.

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I'm going to be in Vegas for the entire weekend and I need to know what stores to hit up. I already have Stussy and Undefeated on my list. Is there any other notable places to check out while over there?

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I got this jacket with a faux fur hood as a gift for Christmas. My brother was telling me that fur jackets is pretty gay if a guy is wearing it. Is he speaking the truth or am I just being paranoid?

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Any HB presents for you guys this Christmas? For me: - 10 Deep Live Larger Tee - The Hundreds Getting Tree Tee - Stussy Snug Jacket Pretty good haul for me this year. What about you guys?

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[Image] I can't decide. Both are the same price. Which is the better cop?

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I was thinking about upgrading my current phone (which is crap) when my contract is over next month. I would get it at a discounted price of $50. Is this a good price for it? If anyone has it, do you recommend it?

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[URL] The trailer looks interesting. I remember the trailer caught my eye when I saw this during the previews during the Simpsons movie. Anyone else interested in this movie?

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[Image] The NFL player is Santonio Holmes BTW. Can anyone identify the shirt? Is it even from a streetwear brand or is it just some random shirt?

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Got this from an email. [Image] Anyone going? I'll probably go on Sunday since I'm going to be in the area. Hopefully I find a star strike tee for under $20...

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I live in Southern California and I just ordered something from Digital Gravel yesterday. I wake up today to find out that my package is already on my doorstep. Great service from Digital Gravel and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't ordered from there. Speaking of Southern California, anyone here live there?

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