[Quote]seriously, if your in doubt let that shit hang. And I recently washed a huf hoody....normal/warm wash with mostly colors and then dried on medium temp. Didn't notice much shrinking if any at all. Obviously might be different for you.

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[Quote]the fuck is so sick about it? it looks dope but honestly theres so much wasted floor space, considering they force you to be in that narrow area to look at shoes and shirts. Idk, i never see any new streetwear brands or fresh new styles and their shoes are always starting at $150. Really don't see the allure unless your just now getting into streetwear or a college kid with parents money. I was really expecting them or Concepts to step it up with the collabs and just having their own gear in general. But that rarely happens and if it does its with bullshit companies like New Balance or companies that are absurdly priced.

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[Quote] feel like mad dudes are closet homos or just really dumb with their style. Saw ASAP rocking this at Catalpa/NYC shits wack and cost $150. haha rich wannabe ghetto kids.

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[Quote] CO-SIGN, the city is great, its better than nothing. But honestly any young person ( or anyone in general) who wants to be challenged/entertained/etc. really needs to look else where than Boston. It's good for college and thats it. Also do not move to Beacon hill. You will get raped in rent, have to travel up hills all day with tiny (dog shit everywhere) sidewalks and see overly rich white people who clearly have too much money.

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[Quote] i went Schoolboy is a beast, was a dope little rap show. crowd was a little lame, but expected. Might check out currensy tomorrow.

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Its 2012 still...chill the fuck out.

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[Quote] Yes of course you will get a limited edition pair of sunglasses that are complete remake of an already popular pair of sunglasses. haha are you kids serious? your worried about limited edition instead of innovation.

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[Quote] will all your apparel be available?

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how big is uniqlo shirt.

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35 for zara

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very interested but price is too high for me at the moment, summers basically here so cant justify spending $200 on these.

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[Quote] exactly how i feel.

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[Quote] Yo you sound like a clown, "omg 30 compared to 5...youd be a jackass not to do it" Your lungs hurting the next day? the fuck, bitch much?

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[Quote] I have to agree with this, granted I never jumped on the "Supreme" wagon. but as of late I feel that the major things that get airplay outside of Hypebeast and other typical groups, is the same regurgitated stuff. Like the lady gaga photos etc. Now they will have prodigy? Eh, stagnant brand.

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