looking for what's in the topics. will pay nicely.

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i know there was this online site that sold only women streetwear but i can't remember it for the life of me. help anyone?

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anybody other than the hundreds and weekly drop covering magic? looked like orisue was gonna.....but didn't? the site doesn't have anything.

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[URL] check it out. what y'all think of this? i'm probably check this store out tommorow

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I was there.....it was alright.

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[Image] i seen this and had to have it, where can i get this.

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i know cmonwealth has em, but they're sold out of what i want. anyone else know where you can get some of their tees?

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what are your favourite movies. i'm sure y'all have a ton. me personally, my all time fav is probably star wars. i do enjoy all of kevin smith's work as well.

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I'm reaching over to montreal in late may who can tell me worthwhile spots to hit up, for shopping, eating, and partying or anything else i can't think of. I heard off the hook is decent to check out, and goodfoot.

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yeah. Who's feeling em? [Image]

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Just thought we should sound off what part of the world we live in and what we do. I'll start. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I'm a marketing/audio engineering student and I rep Veni Vidi Vici. What about you?

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I really liked the Foreign Family tees I had seen on digital gravel, and I was going to cop a couple of tees after i got a paycheck, and it just so happened, that was during the time they JUST cleared off all the brands to start anew. Now i'm kicking myself. What i'm wondering is, does anyone know where or how i can get some tees? there is no contact info of their site.

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I was inspired to show you this when I seen gabe26's cartoon character. I created this south park version of rapper The Game around half a year ago for fun. I didn't make it with t-shirt graphic in mind and i'm not pitching this as a t-shirt design. I made it as a sig for my account on dubcc.com forums. I tried my best to get all his tats to match up with the real fella. Basically paintbrush tool in photoshop and a couple of pics from magazines for reference. Anyway, tell me what y'all think. [Image] the big "Drew Dogg" going across it, that's just my feeble attempt to sway jackers. and hey while your at it, tell me what you think of the graphic i made on [URL].

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I just gotta say I really enjoyed reading that interview, brought some things to light for me. I like what The Hundreds are doing and this interview made it that much clearer to me. Got really filled in on what they are all about and some understanding of their beginnings. It's really all inspirational and insightful. Bobby's a good dude. -I could relate on how he said at one point LA wasn't really given all that much limelight and that he stuck to his guns to rep it even though there was nay sayers. That's like Toronto to me. I feel like our city is really diverse and interesting, and that the world should know. And I'm working on doin that. -I liked how he talked about considering the aesthetic value when coming up with the name the hundreds, and all the other things that you must consider that comes into the equation when deciding. All this i could relate to. -how they're trying to "solidify a proper subculture" -selling a lifestyle and culture, not just nice clothing. -didn't want a cushy office job and so started the hundreds. There's so much that's great in this, that i could go on for awhile. I'll stop. Only complaint is it's not really edited well. A lot of question marks appearing out of no where, and quan's questions sometimes are joined with the answers, etc. Nonetheless, dope interview. Surprised nobody else made a post about it before me. Anybody else feel what was said in it?

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