yeeeeee, when I found out about it, definitely thought I'd drop it in here for yall that don't check HBX regularly.

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[Quote] IMO biggest threat to America rn is democracy lmao. The systems put in place were designed in a completely different era. It doesn't allow any room for change via democracy.

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Just starting a thread so that I can notify yall about new small features. feel free to request and discuss stuff here as well.  9.29.16 Added pages that show all threads from all categories -[URL]  Shoutouts to the great Tom Lo for finally getting some time to work on this stuff. Thanks for sticking around yall, more updates to come.

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hah i wish.. I hear the final design is different than the initial one on the old linesheet.. adidas get at me

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Sup yall, kind of a shameless advert but I'd rather yall get a chance at copping this stuff if you don't already know about it. HBX raffles a chance to buy hyped up releases at a retail price, see all the products [URL]

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[Quote] the hard part is just image quality... if everyone was posting images that were in nice locations/poses/fits then it could be doable.  but for the meantime, we can have an album on the HB facebook

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yeah this is cool

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damn that no0 cameo

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kind of the point really, but they should do more than just drop a link in here one time. that doesn't do anything for them

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I currently live with 2 other roommates, and i should have learned my lesson about living with two roommates after living with my brother and cousin.. there's just no way around these problems in communal areas when 3 people live in a space. You gotta just have one 'team effort' mentality and can't rely on 'pulling even weight' without it leading to problems. Unless you draw clear lines and boundaries, and all roommates can hold up their end of it... this is just bound to happen. Sounds like you do a lot for your bro though, and hes not really appreciating any of it.

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ah same, it would be dope if the blue trays were rolling trays

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damn missed this stuff. @ashleighlaurakim made this one of me at work  [Image]

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super fake

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lmao@ronnel breaking in young consumers at a young age with overpriced tees first raw denim, SExI04

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oh damn my bad.. lol the work looks good

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