So, ever since mankind has existed, they've been creating new technologies and looking for ways to advance them. It allows them to do more things in new, better, more efficient, more exciting ways. From canoes to ships to submarines. From gliders to planes to jets to spaceships. From magnifying glasses to electron microscopes, or the other way around with telescopes to the Hubble. Humans create an endless number of devices and ways to achieve any knowledge or experience they wish to have. The progress happens at an exponential rate. Take communications technology as an example. The development in the last decade alone is hard to keep up with, and would have been unfathomable a few hundred years ago. The same applies to medicine, entertainment, and so much more. We've been experiencing it in real time, so we're kind of blind to how amazing it is, and we kind of take it for granted. Where I think it gets interesting is when we reach the goals that we haven't even started to make yet. We have an idea of what they are, because they're a part of our modern mythology. Superheroes can fly and see through buildings and read minds and be invincible. We have an interest in these fantastic beings, because whether we realize it or not, we would like to have these kinds of abilities. I would imagine, considering the growth in human knowledge and the technology it creates, that access to abilities like this are closer than we suspect. The day may soon come where it is relatively easy to access abilities that we call 'superpowers' right now. If/when that day comes, what's next? We know it's human nature to push forward and make advancements to their achievements. At that point, what is the next possible fantasy? What is the step after superhuman? Becoming a kind of God? TL;DR What comes after the point where technology surpasses the most wild fantasies we can currently conceive?

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Let's talk about this fucking team. Game tonight against Guadeloupe, which has basically become a "must win" in order to be assured to move on in the Gold Cup after a shit showing against Panama (for which I was in attendance). Bob UMMM Bradley will probably field the same team as the last 3 games, even though this lineup clearly lacks energy. Thoughts?

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They followed me on tumblr the other day. Apparently Tallahassee based duo, met in college, started making music. Give them a listen. The beats are ambient as fuck, very smooth. Click to download: [Image]

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InfamousHerb smh...

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After the Dolphins bitchslap buffaLOL week 1, wojo gets a new name. Now taking suggestions...

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I'm sure there has already been a thread on this, but the companies and services have probably changed since then. I am almost at the end of my Verizon contract. The service is pretty good; I've never dropped a call. But I don't really talk on the phone that much. My problems with Verizon mostly have to do with billing. They keep tacking stupid shit on my bill, and more often than not, I have to go to the store to fix the previous month's charges. So I'm basically trying to decide between the big 3: Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. Verizon's service is pretty reliable, but those problems are getting pretty annoying. AT&T supposedly has great coverage. Sprint is a little cheaper, but they fit more with what I use my phone for (Texting and Web browsing). However, Sprint is said to have spotty coverage (If I need to make a call, I would like to have the ability). Any advice?

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of the Florida Gators football program begins...

Started by The Meltdown, 2 Weeks ago in Sports After seeing an ad for it on the iTunes homepage, I had to check this out. I've been listening to Zeppelin for the last 6+ years, and it changed who I am. I've liked The White Stripes since I first heard them. I never really got deep into U2, but every time I hear them, I'm impressed. If you have been a fan of any Blues/Rock/Guitar-based music from the last 80 years, you should give this a look.

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you are indisputably stupid. (If you voted for McCain, we already know you're stupid.)

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