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My first time voting Jerry Brown and prop 19 please smokeyface

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Anyone seen them live before? There comin to the Bay on the 31st, thinkin about coppin tickets.

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Where my Bay nigs at? Fuck the Fakers and the Queens. Draft is coming up. Will cousins fall to 6 or will we have to take greg monroe.

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No homo but dont u hate it when u wake up thinking about random shit yet u are still aroused? A nig cant get outta bed cuz the fam might see the black mamba. Is there any remedy to this shit?

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Honestly no matter how much shit she talks there aint no excuse to put your hands on a female [URL]

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[Image] Faust posted this picture and it brought up thoughts that I have been thinking about lately. What do you define as "living"? You go to school, work and then you die. During this period you are stressed with bills and other societal norms. Is that really a good way to spend the time that we are blessed on this earth? I personally wish I could live a life with no responsibilities. Somewhat like a hunter gatherer lifestyle. Food and family is all i would need to truly be happy in this world.

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-family gathering at restaurant -go to a party

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This board always has new music but those are hit and miss. Who is you favorite artist and want are your favorite tracks by them? My favorite rapper is Angry Mic [URL]

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Recently this niigga infamous dissed the bay and said it isnt the part of cali niiggas care about. It didnt sink into to me till later that the bay actually shits on LGay i mean LA. The Bay -Best weed -Silicon Valley -San francisco is new york jr -best weather (LA is wayy to hot, the bay is a perfect medium) -most down to earth personalities. Not that snobby stuck up shit. -LA jacks bay slang (these niiggas was even tryna go dumb during the hyphy movement) LA -The lakers -Disneyland In the words of turf talk. "We reps da Bay, we dont rep California!!"

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Im sick of cali and have zero interest in the east coast. Is new orleans a chill/party place to transfer to for college?

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I woke up today looking at my flat screen tv, xbox 360 and ps3. That shit doesnt make me happy anymore. The world is such a big place. Anyone ever think about leaving everything behind and living in a slower paced society? I was thinking about the peace corps because im broke and they will pay for shit.

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Nigs love bashing labels like sean jean, rocawear, fubu, etc but yall cant lie at one time those brands were poppin. My point is were those the first "legit" streetwear companies? Would brands yall love like Supreme be around today if it werent for these companies? I personally think they paved the way for the streetwear culture. Nigs might be thinking "whats the point of this thread" but its just a critical think question.

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Shit is pretty hot [URL]

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So far the day is Friday, March 5 discuss... Potential nigs: slashguava Eddy T Claire Sonny Drew Ian FrancisMHWhite DiamondXlife Beez Ley Unknownforce SFCA THiZZ

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